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watchanishXmontblanc Contest Comes to an End – Here’s the winner!

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It’s been almost a month since we’ve announced the competition that we’re hosting together with our friends over at Montblanc. The winner must have been from the UK, and had to submit the best photo of a Montblanc timepiece in November. The prize – a very special Montblanc watch and a trip with our team to the manufacture!

It was actually quite hard to select the winner, and we’re not just saying that because that’s what the jury usually says, but because there really were lots of cool photos by completely different people. And just a side note to all our friends who thought they’d win because they’re our friends – your picture taking skills are pretty bad.

Finally, before we get to the WINNING picture we’d like to show you the runners-up!











Now some people didn’t really follow the rules and uploaded photos from outside of the UK, we had to mention these 2 for sure!





However there could only be one winner. And we found the perfect candidate. Lee Dixon (@WatchesOnTime) had the perfect picture, showing how a movement at the watchmaker’s desk becomes a watch in the end. And on top of that, the perfect story. Trainee watchmaker in London, watches are pretty much his favourite things in the world (judging by the instagram account), and we found he would be the right person to really appreciate the timepiece and a trip to the factory!



Lee, we are going to DM you on Instagram, so get ready and pack your bags :)

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