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WatchAnish x Suit Supply – It’s (Launch) Party Time

Posted by Tom Mulraney on

If you read WatchAnish on the regular chances are your wrist game is pretty tight, but what about your suit game? After all, nothing complements a nice timepiece better than an impeccably tailored suit with just the right amount of cuff showing, maybe matched with a funky pair of cufflinks to complete the look and show off your eclectic tastes. So ask yourself then, is your wardrobe doing your wrist justice?

For many guys I am sure the answer is going to be an embarrassing but definitive ‘no’. It’s not surprising really, we men are simple creatures, we can only really have one, maybe two obsessive hobbies at a time and I’m sure for many of you reading this, that hobby is watches (I know it is for me). That’s not to say we dress like slobs, but by the same token when was the last time you spent as much time researching a suit as you did a vintage Patek?

Now, at this point you could pour yourself a strong drink and stare off into the fire, quietly lamenting the fact that you may never fully hit your style potential, or you could save yourself the heartache (and the hangover) and just jump online to check out our friends over at Suit Supply.

WatchAnish at Suit Supply in London from Watch Anish on Vimeo.

From humble beginnings in Amsterdam back in 2000, Suit Supply – a long-time supporter and sometime collaborator of WatchAnish – has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years, and now boasts an impressive network of company owned stores in Western Europe, the USA, Canada and China, with additional franchised stores operating in the Baltics, Russia, Belarus and Mexico.






The company’s incredible success was evident for all to see last month when WatchAnish attended the re-opening of their very cool Vigo Street flagship boutique in London, one of three such boutiques in the UK (apparently there are plans for another 2 in the works but no details as yet). The boutique, which first opened for business back in 2007, had been closed for rather extensive renovations and now with all the hard work done it was time to celebrate. As you can probably guess, it was a pretty stylish affair.






Suit Supply offers pretty much everything the modern gentleman could want in his wardrobe, with a particular focus on making those all-important special touches normally reserved for the upper crust, like bespoke tailoring, accessible to the masses. Don’t let the name fool you, this is not just some production line for cheap suits, rather the company has found a way to supply high class suits, casual clothing and all manner of accessories in between at affordable prices without compromising on cut or quality.







As you can see in the photos from the party there is no shortage of choice when it comes to fabrics or patterns, and there are certainly no shortages of satisfied customers either. Stylish chaps of all ages and from all walks of life were in attendance at the event to check out Suit Supply’s latest offerings and, one suspects, to show off past purchases. I mean seriously, the last time we did this much suit spotting we were in Florence.








The best part though is that you don’t even need to go to one of Suit Supply’s 50 stores around the world. Just jump on their website where you will find absolutely everything you could ever need and want from a menswear retailer and then some. The site is easy to navigate and with free standard shipping it won’t be long before both your watch and your clothes truly reflect your personal style.




Photos and Video by James N Cole and Harriette Nero Goc-Ong


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