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WatchAnish x Maison Goyard – Part 2

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Last week we brought you Part.1 of our visit to the exclusive Maison Goyard boutique situated on London’s prestigious Mount Street (click here if you haven’t seen it already.) In that article we introduced you to the centuries old trunk maker and their top quality, highly desirable creations. What we didn’t show you though, is what we brought with us. Now, as loyal fans of WatchAnish will know, whenever we go anywhere we always, always bring three things with us: cigars, multiple wardrobe changes and of course most importantly, watches. Not just any watches of course – we do have a reputation to maintain after all – but a carefully curated collection of incredible timepieces, each individually selected by us for this special occasion.


Think I’m joking? Well, why don’t we start things off with a few creations from the master himself, Mr. F.P. Journe!

(Click images for hi res versions)


Goyard Backgammon set




The Journe Effect

First up we have the blue dialled tantalum cased Chronometre Bleu. Presented in a very well sized (and weighted) 39mm case constructed from super-strong tantalum, the Chronometre Bleu has a certain understated confidence about it that makes you just want to stare at it all the time. Whilst not as showy or complicated as some of its siblings there is something undeniable alluring about this watch, and the relatively low price point (for a Journe especially) makes it especially attractive as an everyday watch.



Of course if you want to take things up a notch in the style stakes then you are covered with the gorgeous rose gold Octa UTC whose beauty is only matched by its brains. Featuring a patented system of showing a second timezone on a stunningly illustrated geographical map of the world along with a traditional GMT hand (that is even able to account for summer and winter time) the Octa UTC also boasts a full five days of power on a full charge.




Now, for those feeling a little sportier, this is the Centigraph Souverain, an absolute killer in rose gold. Of course we would recommend you remain a spectator whilst wearing this delicate beauty, mainly because that rose gold case is going to be hard to part with if you ever need it fixed :'(


The appeal of the Octa UTC is not wasted on a lady either…



Saigon bag in blue





Full House

Ok, ok, I know what you’re thinking; “sure, F.P. Journe is super-cool but you promised us an amazing collection of watches, so far we’ve only seen one brand!” This is true. So here’s a happy snap of some of the other pieces we brought with us. They look pretty comfortable in that purpose-built Goyard watch box don’t they? So, how many can you name?



Goyard Coffret Montre





Carbon Millenary Tourbillon x sexy lady with this striking red Bellechasse tote must mean near instant ‘falling in love’ syndrome!


Bellechasse bag in red






Of course gentleman if you want to play in this world too then you need to dress to match. Don’t worry though; we have plenty of suggestions. Like this striking blue on blue combination that takes things to a whole new level with the Greubel Forsey Tourbillon Secondes 24 Contemporain!



Ambassade in blue







Or perhaps red is more your color? Than strap on this bold Marcus edition Richard Mille RM016 in 18k white gold and get the party started.



Red Grand Hotel





Something a little more subdued? How about the inimitable Cartier Pasha Skeleton Flying Tourbillon in 18k white gold. That’s the sound of your jaw hitting the floor I believe…



The Croisiere






Staying with the Cartier theme it’s time to switch gears (and metals) and cross over to the uber masculine Calibre Multi TimeZone in rose gold. Despite the relative complexity of this highly functional piece – the case features a city selector disc on the side, whilst the dial incorporates a jet-lag indicator on the front – the clean design and smart layout allows it to retain a clean and simple look.



(top) Ambassade 24h (bottom) Trolley Bourget






Victoria bag in white




For the man that has everything, including every perpetual calendar under the sun, there is only one place to turn: Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak Equation of Time. It looks great on the wrist, feels even better and will dazzle your friends and enemies alike. #BillionaireProblems


Ambassade in brown and black





To end, of course a shot ready for our Instagram 😀



Special thanks to Marcus Watches, Cartier and William & Son for the use of their fine watches and of course Maison Goyard for hosting us in their superb Mount Street boutique!

We hope you enjoyed the pictures and we welcome any comments below!


Written by Tom Mulraney, editor in chief at

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