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WatchAnish Polo Shirts – Limited Edition of 50 Available NOW

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A few months back we had an idea of launching a special product that our followers and friends will really enjoy. It’s been a long time but we are finally ready to announce it.

We love Polo shirts, they’re probably the best when it comes to comfortable clothes that can still look classy. So we decided to make one. However, instead of going for a safe minimal white or blue colour and simple logo we thought to take a different path.




What you see here is a fine Italian deep green / white cloth with a hand stitched logo on the chest as well as a genuine crocodile patch on the back. Not sure how many crocodiles we had to find to make 50 of those, but it definitely took us a while… We are very pleased with the result, and hope you guys will be too.



In total there are only 50 of the Polo shirts made, and the pre-orders have already begun. Tomorrow is going to be the big launch day, so in case you’re here early and wonder how you can pre-order it right now here’s the link -> BOUTIQUE

We’ve already thought of the biggest questions you may have and answered them for you down below in this mini FAQ..

Q. Where do you ship the Polos?

A. Pretty much anywhere, apart from Antarctica (but we’re working on that!)

Q. What materials did you use?

A. We’ve used Italian ‘Loro Piana’ cloth and genuine crocodile leather.

Q. How much time will it take to reach me?

A. We’re on pre-order stage at the moment. Deliveries start in 6 weeks, and then it all depends on where you live. Delivery may take from 3 to 10 working days.

Q. Did you guys really use genuine croc?!

A. Yep, and it wasn’t cheap.

Q. How do I wash it?

A. Please don’t. Dry-clean only!

Q. Shut up and take my money! How can I pay?

A. We accept credit cards or Paypal

Q. What if the size doesn’t fit?

A. Please select the size carefully. They would be around the same size as your Ralph or Loro Piana polos. In case of a misfit we will exchange the Polo shirt (subject to stock availability) or refund within a 7 day period from date of you receiving the product (minus the shipping charges) provided all the tags are still intact.



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