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WatchAnish at Pitti Uomo 86 (Pt.2) – Street Style & Outfits

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I wish watch fairs were a bit more like Pitti Uomo… And don’t get angry at me for saying that – I’m a big fan of horology and I love to talk watches pretty much anywhere and at any time, but the more I visit the big fairs the more I realise they can get a bit too technical and you kinda miss the fun part. Pitti is something totally opposite – imagine a street full of relaxed, fun and classy people just enjoying the weather, talking about whatever comes to mind, and sharing thoughts on fashion. If you’re not into that (and looking at dudes in colourful clothes) you might as well stop reading now and watch the video to get a better idea of what I mean :)

For us at WatchAnish, that was the first time we’ve visited Pitti Uomo, and it turned out to be in June, when we decided to host an ‘horology  meets fashion meets writing instruments’ kind of dinner with our friends at Edelberg. During the day though, we were doing what most bloggers and media representatives did – spotting interesting outfits, people, watches and trying to capture the atmosphere of the event in general. I have to say – this was definitely something new for us, even though we claim to be a blog about style as much as watches; the amount of well dressed men was extremely high, and Anish’s flower blazer that would usually stand out in the crowd was just one of the hundreds. So without further ado – here they are – the men of Pitti this year!


Gentleman on the right – effortlessly matching white & brown


Loafers with no socks x beard x green colour – Pretty much Pitti Uomo in one photo


the gang: Samuel Naldi of Edelberg makes an appearence (on the left)


More loafers, more colour green, but less facial hair – and that would probably be a perfect beer commercial if not for the facial expression in the back


Loving the simplicity of this look – also braces are back!


Not sure about this Boardwalk Empire kind of look, but it’s definitely something




the two guys on the left clearly mixed up the trousers – and it looks awesome


we’re not quite sure what’s happening here. …


Lino Ielluzi & Samuel Naldi looking great

Some interesting combinations, lots of colours, double breasted light jackets, shorts, three-piece suits – there was literally everything one could think of. Our friend Lino was rocking his DB light blue jacket with a Patek Philippe Nautilus, while Toni went for a full white look to match his awesome beard :)



Toni (no, not Stark, but now that I’ve mentioned it he does kind of look like Jeff Bridges in Iron Man!)



it’s really all in the beard – take it out of the picture and you get a regular guy from Milan







And the award for ‘Pretending to Casually Sit while Actually Hoping They Take A Pic of Me’ goes to this guy! Well deserved sir, and you do look pretty badass

Of course I also wished there were more people with complicated wristwatches, like we usually see at boutique openings and watch fairs, but I guess you can’t have it all and most would prefer one hobby over another. However there is still hope in me that soon we will be seeing a lot more stylish men with awesome watches…

Photo & Videography by James N Cole and Adam Priscak for

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