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WatchAnish Exclusive with SEVENFRIDAY by Rocketbyz

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“W T Glowing F is that?!”

We hear you ask.

Well that my friend is the brand new SEVENFRIDAY by Rocketbyz, and this, is the only place you can buy one



We’ve always had a soft spot for the crazy cats over at SEVENFRIDAY. For their refusal to be just another Swiss watch brand. For the fact that their motto “live your passion” is not just a marketing friendly sound-bite, but something they actually do. So when they invited us over to Hamburg to meet the artist behind their latest collaboration, we hopped on the first flight.





The artist in question is Tommyboy, a hip-hop producer/ conceptual artist/ watch collaborator. Which is not a sentence we find ourselves typing out very often in the world of fine watches.





While searching for inspiration for his music projects Tommyboy devised the aesthetic concept of Rocketbyz. It’s a look that’s born out of his belief that there just isn’t enough colour out there in the world. To this end he set out to splash the world with fluorescence.





The added layer of creativity behind the Rocketbyz collection only becomes apparent when the lights go out. A pioneer of the use of black light, Tommyboy’s creations have hidden depth.




Tommyboy has brought this vibrancy of colour to a veritable Christmas list of items. In his Rocketbyz studio there are neon motorbikes, and electric guitars, and even a road legal one-seater Go Kart that we got to razz around, like an overgrown ten year-old.





This bright sense of fun is a great fit for SEVENFRIDAY. It has what the marketing types like to call, synergy. All of this flare for design is present in the Off-series SEVENFRIDAY Rocketbyz M2/03.

Each watch of the limited edition 50 piece issue has been hand spray painted. This means that no two watches will be identical. This isn’t 1/50, it’s pretty much 1/1.



To add to the exclusivity the only place in the whole wide world that you’ll be able to get your hands on this fusion of art and timekeeping, is here on





Which makes us feel pretty special. It’s available from the 30th January 2017 until we run out, which we’re anticipating to be sometime very soon. Order now to avoid crippling disappointment and a dull life devoid of colour.


M2-03-RocketBYZ-Oblique-V2-B-SQUARE (1)


The Vital Statistics:


MODEL • M2/03

Watch base is the M1/01 Model – all pieces are individually hand sprayed by Rocketbyz.




Automatic – Miyota 8215, 40H power reserve.


Size: 47mm X 47,6mm

  • Case: Stainless steel.
  • Animation Ring: Eloxed aluminium.
  • Glass: Specially hardened and anti-reflective treated mineral glass.
  • Interface: 6 layers, 10 applied parts.
  • 3 custom discs: Hour, minute and second.
  • 3ATM water resistant.
  • Chip that allows authenticity verification (with NFC technology). 
NOTE: This is a piece of art, warranty does not apply.


Photos by James N Cole for

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