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WatchAnish Club Post #5: Exclusive Piece Unique Shoot at Harrods

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As our latest post for the WatchAnish Club we go inside one of the most prestigious boutiques of London to take a look at some of your favourite brands’ piece uniques and limited editions, only available there (and probably not for a long time). A little bit of history before we begin – Harrods is actually one of the oldest luxury department stores, that opened its doors back in the 19th century, and today is located in Knightsbridge, London, and still selling some of the finest products in the fashion and horology worlds. Speaking of fashion the scarves we used in this shoot are also from the Harrods’ selection. Now let’s get to the watches!

First up the pieces by Roger Dubuis: to me a brand that really stepped the game up in the past couple of years with some incredible novelties in the tourbillon section. And here are some very fine examples – the DBEX0281 Double Flying Tourbillon in 45 mm rose gold casing and with a completely skeletonized dial and worth over 200’000 British Pounds.


And a couple more tourbillons, now separate, one per watch :) The Excalibur tourbillon skeleton in 42 mm rose gold casing, which is a very classy version of a sporty watch, and a more mean and aggressive Pulsion skeletonized tourbillon. I say this in one of the previous posts, I really dislike ‘number’ bezels on watches, but on the Pulsion collection RD has managed to really pull it off by making the bezels transparent. Check it out for yourself!

2014-03-07_0012 2014-03-07_0011 2014-03-07_0006

Now moving to another brand – Audemars Piguet has some really great pieces stored at Harrods – starting with a magnificent Jules Audemars Skeleton Tourbillon Minute Repeater that also features a jumping hour complication. The entire movement is made of gold and the price of it exceeds 300’000 British Pounds!

2014-03-07_0017 2014-03-07_0016 2014-03-07_0003

And if you’re the into more recognised collection of AP – the Royal Oak – then here’s one for you! A piece unique, a RO in 44 mm for the brand anniversary, it features a chronograph, a perpetual calendar and a minute repeater… Made of stainless steel with a rose gold rotor the price for this exceptional thing is 450’000 Pounds. If you ask me – it’s totally worth more than that.

2014-03-07_0014 2014-03-07_0013

Now if you are like me and you scream like a little girl when you hear ‘Jaeger LeCoultre’ these ones are for you: two limited editions by JLC – the great Grande Complication in white gold featuring an orbital tourbillon, a minute repeater and a constellation dial with a date and 24h indicators and a super limited (to 8 pieces) Reverso minute repeater with a skeleton dial, gold curtain to cover the watch and a movement made of white and BLUE (!) gold.

2014-03-07_0010 2014-03-07_0008 2014-03-07_0009 2014-03-07_0007 2014-03-07_0004 2014-03-07_0005

Finally a wrist candy to finish with – is the Richard Mille Panda tourbillon, made with the use of Onyx stones (that apparently absorb bad energy), and I personally have seen them being assembled (at the APRP manufacturing facility in Switzerland) and I was amazed at the way the master was working. So even though in the end the watch looks… cute, it actually took a lot of hard work and sweat to create it. This one in rose gold is a limited edition of 15 pieces.

2014-03-07_0002 2014-03-07_0001

Thank you everyone for tuning in this Friday for a portion of exclusivity here at WatchAnish :) Tell your friends to subscribe to the club and we’ll see you next Friday! Also, on a side note we’re not just going to be feeding you exclusive posts, and there are many more new things to come! So stay tuned!

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