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Viva Las Vegas – Best Gambling Watches by Christophe Claret

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There are classy watches. There are chunky watches. Sporty watches. Pilot watches, diver watches, apple watches, technical watches, alien watches. And there are also gambling watches. If you haven’t seen what’s cooking at Christophe Claret’s manufacture you ain’t seen jack sh*t! We’re about to show you some of the sickest interactive mechanical wristwatches that’ll make your Apple watch want to kill itself.


If you like Poker you now don’t need to carry a deck of cars or waste battery life. Roll up your sleeve, and play on the Christophe Claret Poker watch. Up to 3 players can join the game and only see their own cards (located under three barriers at 10, 2 and 6 o’clock). The ‘river’ is right in the middle section of the dial and it’s activated with the pusher at 10 o’clock for the first 3 cards and at 8 o’clock for the 4th and 5th card separately. Each time you press there’s a very nice gong sound to go with it. Dealing cards is also pretty easy, you just shuffle the whole deck by pressing the pusher at 9 o’clock. And every time you do that you’ll actually hear the shuffle!

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If you don’t think anything can top that now, think again as you look at the back side of the watch. There’s a proper functioning roulette! And it’s also the watch’s winding rotor. Smart, useful and fun at the same time.





Now if you, like me, are more of a blackjack guy, this one’s gonna sound even cooler! Made for 2 players and a dealer this is a perfect recreation of BlackJack on a watch. And while we do have one issue with the ‘Poker’ when it comes to being able to see your cards through the barriers, this one is very easily playable and might just be the perfect gambling watch out there. And yes. The back also has a roulette installed!

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