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Visiting De Grisogono’s new boutique on Bond Street, London

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Not really sure which name is bigger in the high-end jewellery and watch industry right now, Fawaz Gruosi or De Grisogono, but they go together so perfectly… and after meeting the founder and the DG team in Basel, and receiving our commissioned piece unique we had to stop by the just opened boutique in London as soon as our team was back in town.

When talking about the designs of his pieces Mr. Gruosi says “I never sit down at the table thinking. I’m inspired by whatever I see around me: the sea, the sky, the forest, the grass. People rarely look at nature these days, it’s taken for granted.” And when you enter the boutique you see how much that is true. Luxurious and elegant decor is also mixed with real flowers and colours you would normally see outside of the city. And this presence of nature turns shopping experience into somewhat of a vacation from the regular routine.



Something you might not realise when you enter the boutique for the very first time (because you clearly will be looking at the jewellery and watches displayed) is the attention to detail when it comes to the decor. If you pay close attention to the carpets, walls or panels you will see how they perfectly echo the designs of De Grisogono’s jewellery or watch straps; all in a very subtle way. Even though there is a lot of gold in the boutique it never looks flashy, and on the contrary – there is a certain warm and cosy feeling to it.

“I want my customers to feel at home; I hate it when salespeople jump on you,” says Fawaz Gruosi, “My way of working is to make jokes, not even talk about jewellery – people have their own eyes so if they like the look of something, they’ll try it.”

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And honestly, it’s tough not to be amazed every time we see what beautiful pieces of art jewellers are capable of creating today, and it was just the case when we laid our eyes on De Grisogono’s selection displayed in the boutique. It’s probably even harder for the ladies to resist the urge to try pretty much everything there is…




However while we understand very little when it comes to necklaces and rings we do love to play with some complicated and dressy watches. And when it comes to wrist-wear DG has pretty much everything from classy to outrageous.. Starting with the beautiful ‘New Retro’ collection we all fell in love with this year, and to watches like the ‘Meccanico’ or ‘CrazySkull’.







Another watch we got to see for the first time was the ‘Occhio’ minute repeater with a very cool dial opening diaphragm and a beautiful movement beneath…



The importance of De Grisogono’s new flagship boutique cannot be undermined, every little detail about it including the interior and the selection of pieces displayed there was very carefully thought of and personally monitored by Mr. Gruosi – “London today plays a very important role for the market of high jewellery and a large proportion of our unique piece production, which ranges from 350 to 500 unique pieces per year, will be exhibited in the new boutique.”

So if you find yourself in London, make sure you visit the boutique on Bond Street if you are in a mood to see some unique pieces of elegant jewellery or a variety of creative and complicated timepieces.

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