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A Visit To the Boucheron Boutique in Paris – Exceptional Ladies’ Watches

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So a few weeks back our photographer James and I hit Paris for a couple of days. And believe it or not the main reason of our visit was to go and check out the flagship Boucheron boutique (and thankfully our girlfriends weren’t with us!) at Place Vendome. We were invited to see some of the latest creations and discover a display of the high end jewellery and watch pieces, all sorted by culture that they were inspired by. Some of the watches really stood out to us, and I want to share them with you now as a little change up from all the men’s watches we were posting lately (do not let the wives near the screen unless you’re feeling super generous though!).


We’ll start with my personal favourite – Epure Plume de Lumiere. This piece is part of the ‘Epure D’Art’ collection; from my broken French this translates to ‘Purest of Arts’ or ‘Pure Art’, which in a way makes sense, but sounds so much better in French. ‘Plume’ as some of you might have guessed means ‘Feather’ and ‘Lumiere’ is light.



The reason why it’s my favourite of the bunch is simple – I might like super complicated pieces for men, but when it comes to ladies’ watches I think the word that describes a perfect timepiece is ‘elegance’ – and this piece is nothing but pure elegance. And just like I don’t really understand white watches for men I think there’s nothing more elegant and appealing in the ladies’ collection than a snow-white timepiece. The very 3-dimentional feather at 6 o’clock of the mother of pearl dial also adds a very nice touch to it, and you can especially see it when you take a look up close. A rather large for women 41mm case made of white gold and covered in baguette diamonds houses a Girard-Perregaux (which is very common for Boucheron watches) automatic movement with a 40 hour power reserve.



Next up is something from the ocean… well not exactly, but both name and look of the dial suggest that the watch originated there :) It’s called ‘Epure Oursin’, which translates to ‘Pure Sea Urchin’ (that poky round needle thing you have to prepare alive). The dial actually looks exactly like the animal if you remove the spikes, and it’s amazing how Mother Nature is a lot of times the best inspiration we find for a design.




The beautiful dial is made of diamonds, blue sapphires and lacquer, and really stands out on any wrist. The watch still uses the same GP movement and is water resistant to 50 meters. On the back you will see another sapphire crystal revealing the movement and the Boucheron master’s seal.



Finally, the third watch from the ‘Epure D’Art’ collection we would like to share with you is the ‘Epure Vague De Lumiere’. Yet another nature inspired creation – the dial shows an interpretation of a very famous Japanese woodblock print by Katsushika Hokusai, called ‘The Great Wave of Kanagawa’. But unlike the original print we don’t see any boats or the mountain far away – just a big storm wave in its pure form.




Much like the first timepiece I showed you its dial is very three-dimensional and this effect is created by the combination of diamonds and hematite (the darker colour mineral). All three watches seen here so far have an engraving on the back that reads “I Count only the Joyful Hours” – which is probably true for most of their owners :)





But enough about watches that actually look like watches… Last but definitely not least is a real masterpiece by Boucheron, something you will either love or hate (but probably love) – the Cristal de Lune watch. I have no idea how they have managed to make the time actually readable but the case for it is actually made of a crystal rock!



And if before I was saying ‘the dial seems three dimensional’ here it really is 3D; and a ‘paon de lune’ takes up the majority of the space inside overlooking a Moon sculpture at 3 o’clock with a little mother of pearl dial displaying time. And one thing I know for sure – it’s that if I were the owner of this creation (and a lady) I would never actually check time on this real piece of art, and would only look at it to enjoy and appreciate the look and the craftsmanship put into it.



So that’s all for today, guys, I hope you have enjoyed this rather different post and learnt something new about ladies’ watches! :)

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