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Valentine’s Special: The His and Hers Watches for Valentine’s Day

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It might make more sense for Anish to do this post himself as he’s married, but then again.. he’s married, so it may be tough for him to actually enjoy while writing :) I, on the other hand, am perfectly happy with my life, even though I’m spending this Valentine’s away from my girlfriend (maybe that’s why all the happiness). We thought it would be a nice idea to show you guys what we think are some of the coolest couple’s watches that we shot so far, and what better day to do it than… well, you know what day it is :) So I give you – the His and Hers watches for Valentine’s Day!

Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4_Geneva_WATCH (46 of 50)edit3

MCT Sequential 1

Depending on whether or not your lady is into watches there are a couple of ways to go about it… If she is it’s quite easy – you share a passion and you will be selecting matching timepieces together (you should also marry that girl, not many of them are into horology these days!). If she’s not I guess you can start by trying to drag her in the game, depending on your (or her) budget and interest. If a 100k diamond timepiece is a bit too pricy for your pocket you can always just start with a SevenFriday – every girl I know really likes the size of it (no pun intended) and the fun design.


SevenFriday M models


If you have a higher budget and really like to match pretty much everything in your wardrobes then you should probably go for Tudor or Valbray pieces.. On one hand you have the more denim version of Rolex and on the other a unique concept from an independent brand.



Tudor Black Shield


Valbray Oculus

Speaking of denim and more sporty watches, for the millionaires spending this Valentine’s on a yacht or on top of the Eiffel tower, Richard Mille or Linde Werdelin would makes awesome presents…

140907_RM_Chantilly_WA-6 (1)

Men’s: RM011 Team Lotus

140907_RM_Chantilly_WA-23 (1)

Richard Mille RM016


Linde Werdelin SpidoSpeed and Oktopus

If casual isn’t really your style, and you’re a classy couple there is still plenty to choose from… Arnold & Son comes up with some very cool and innovative yet traditional timepieces for both gents and ladies every year. And for something even more classical you can never go wrong with Chopard.


Arnold & Son Time Pyramid and CTE



Arnold & Son UTTE (left) and DBG (right)

WA1305_Chopard-83 (1)



Last year we also shot the latest collection of DeWitt watches, and I think if someone’s looking for some couple’s matching timepieces they have a great choice to select from. Keeping it classy and sporty at the same time with the traditions of fine watchmaking and the more aggressive case designs it’s got a bit of everything, and you either love it or not.





Now if you’re coming home from the screening of the ’50 Shades of Grey’ movie (that I hear sucks by the way) you’re probably in the mood for something more sexy.. So here’s a little selection of the Roger Dubuis watches I did for you guys.




We could also watch and learn from one of the coolest couple on Instagram, with Mr. Anil Arjandas and his girlfirend Ella Mois, both rocking their APs and Anil Arjandas jewels – one of the rare times when I’d love to have a piece of jewellery as much as my girl :)



Of course having to wear the exact same brand might not always be the best solution – one of you can like it and the other one… well not so much :) That’s why I prepares a nice little pictorial with some couples and wearing different branded watches. To a guy like me, who likes to have his personal space and isn’t so much into all things romantic, not matching the timepieces is a much better option.

untitled (109 of 331)edit3

DeBethune DB27 (left) Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso (right)



Photography by Adam Priscak for Watchanish

Richard Mille RM035 (left) and Urwerk UR1001 (right)

Watch_session_2_Bentley (22 of 45)

DeBethune DB25 (left) and Louis Moinet Stardust (right)

Watch_session_2_Bentley (21 of 45)

Watch_session_2_Bentley (16 of 45) (1)

I hope you guys enjoyed this little feature, maybe even found some present ideas, though if you’re reading this on the Valentine’s day you really love your watches more than your crush 😉 And here’s a little something for the night!


MB&F HM3 “Frog”

Photography by James N Cole, Adam Priscak, Alexandr Markovsky and Harriette Nero Goc-Ong for


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