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Vacheron Constantin New Overseas Collection

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Travel is one of the most important themes when it comes to watchmaking. Especially luxury watches, as their owners aren’t usually the sit-at-home type. During this year alone our team has already travelled to 4 different continents and visited over 30 cities multiple times. So whenever there’s a watch that aims to be your perfect travel companion we feel like it’s our duty to get our hands on it and see if that’s an accurate statement. Most of the times it’s not. The Vacheron Constantin Overseas collection however, is in a league of its own.

I’ve started my journey with the collection in London, where most of our team is based. We then flew out to NYC and shot some of the models there as well as used them daily. It’s now time to travel to Moscow, which apparently isn’t sunny at all these days.. Every city I’ve been to and every model I wore from the wide range felt like it belonged on my wrist and here’s why..



What makes a travel watch?!

First of all it’s the durability. Of course if you really want to test it you’ll need to fly out to a jungle or a desert. However with a busy schedule like our team’s it’s virtually impossible to keep the watches from scratching somewhere. Overseas could handle any test we put it to during the travels and it definitely wears very well; whether on a strap or a bracelet.

Then it’s the power reserve. Depending on the model it ranges from 40 to 60 hours. But in this case it doesn’t even matter due to the automatic winding. If you’re on the go you really don’t want your watch to stop working all of a sudden.. Even if you check your phone to see the time.




Design obviously plays a big part when choosing a travel watch. The way it works you may go from casual to business smart or even black tie real quick; and rather than carrying 2 or even 3 different watches with you abroad you can have a universal watch that fits all of the above. Now I can’t say that about every model from the range. Rose gold on a leather strap is surely a dressier watch, and full metal jacket chronograph is easily one of the most casual pieces at VC. However if you go for a white gold on bracelet Ultra Thin Perpetual Calendar / the time and date steel case with an electric blue dial, or pretty much any white metal Overseas on a strap you could pull of pretty much anything you’d be wearing. Except maybe cowboy boots.




Now, onto the most essential feature of a wrist travel companion – adjustment to different time zones. Vacheron Constantin has one model that does this job perfectly – the Overseas World Time. With 3 different dials to choose from it has a 15 bar water resistance (which means you can safely swim in it), a rather large casing (43.5mm), and most importantly a world clock. Just like the one in your phone, but a lot nicer.




Photography by James Cole and Petro Onysko for

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