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Urwerk UR105 Hands On – Perfect Armor for the Wrist

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A couple of days ago we’ve reviewed a new entry-level price model from MB&F – LM101, and this time we’re going to tell you about yet another novelty, but now from a different independent brand we love on the market – Urwerk. We know them for creating some of the most futuristic concepts and products in horology today and this time they definitely did not disappoint. I say this because the design and uniqueness of their watches does not allow to predict if the people would like the end product as they have nothing to base these assumptions on apart from their own collection, and in this case they’ve created an entirely new watch, managed to put in functionality, and keep it as the lowest price point in their entire family of timepieces! Now let’s see what the Urwerk UR105 is all about..





The brand positioned this watch as a shield and an ‘Iron Knight’ on the wrist – by the shape of the casing we can already see why – it’s mean, tough and looks like it can take a bullet for you. Two versions exist – one in steel and one in black AITiN (with more of a ‘Dark Knight’ look) but under the armour beats the heart of UR105 (or UR105M) – that is the caliber UR 5.01. Manually wound, with a power reserve of 42 hours it winds and powers up Urwerk’s famous rotating satellite hour indication on the dial.





But apart from that it also has more functionality to it: on the side of the case you will see a rotating seconds counter wheel. Just next to it is the indicator of the power reserve (going from white to black as the reserve weakens). Back of the watch is called ‘Control Board’ and it will tell you when to change oil in the watch (5-year counter) as well as show you another (bigger) version of the power reserve and an efficiency indicator, where you will be able to see whether your UR105M needs any fine tuning that can be done by yourself using a little screw driver :)





So we basically get a completely new Urwerk with a lot of functionality to it in 2 different case versions both being a limited edition of 77 pieces for the new entry level price from the brand – 58’000 CHF for the Iron Knight (in steel) and 63’000 CHF for the Dark Knight.




Hope you’ve enjoyed this review and stay tuned for more!

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