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Uncovered – another Albino dial 6263

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So the watch that everyone at one time, including auctioneers Sotheby’s, thought was only made as a one off prototype has appeared again but for the first time, if you know what I mean?!


The Rolex reference 6263 ‘albino’ was thought to have been a prototype owned formerly by Eric Clapton. The watch was sold for north of $500,000 by Sotheby’s before another example of the same watch was unearthed a few years ago.

This watch however is again a third example, but features a non-prototype dial so is possibly rarer still, and was brought to the public’s attention by Eric Ku, the very well revered San Francisco based vintage Rolex dealer and owner of almost reference level watch website 10pastten (


I guess in some instances it’s easy to be miffed by how excited one can get over various vintage Rolex pieces, but I would say this and maybe the prototype blue Singer dial Cosmograph are my 2 favourite Rolex pieces ever!

I’ll leave you with some dial macros and wish you all a great weekend! πŸ˜€




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