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Tudor Watches x Ducati Bikes in London

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Many of you have heard or seen Tudor watches, many are also big fans of the brand, and some of you are probably diehard fans. So if you belong to the third category you may have been surprised by the title of this article, as you would know that Tudor is not represented in London or any cities of the United Kingdom for over 20 years now. However, that is about to change, as the brand is coming back to UK in exactly 3 days from now (Sept. 19th 2014 that is)! We decided to get our hands on the favourite models of ours just before their launch in London, and pair them up with a few awesome bikes from Ducati that we shot in the largest legal graffiti tunnel… And here’s the result:

WatchAnish x Tudor x Ducati photoshoot in London Backstage (BTS) from Watch Anish on Vimeo.

Black Shield x Ducati

Tudor watches and Ducati motorbikes have been partners for over 3 years now, and since their partnership began in June 2011 we can see how (positively) it affected both brands; with the launch of the ‘Black Shield’, (my personal favourite Tudor) and their image in general. It is a coincidence that the two brands were founded in the same year (1926), however they do share very similar values and portray an identical image, though in different industries: both brands are young, driven, dynamic and stylish even though technical on the inside.


As I mentioned already, a piece that was created during this collaboration, and a piece I really love looking at (Fastrider ‘Black Shield’) was one of the watches we shot that sunny afternoon in London. So as you scroll through the photos I’ll give you a bit more information about it. The Black Shield is made of a monobloc ‘high tech ceramic’ case that gives it a black matte look and saves it from scratches.

tudor-ducat-shoot-photos-cool-bikes-and-watches-watch-anish-watchanish-black-shield-london-diave-testastretta-11] tudor-ducat-shoot-photos-cool-bikes-and-watches-watch-anish-watchanish-black-shield-london-blackshiels





There are two different colour schemes for the Black Shield but both of them are water resistant up to 150 meters and feature a chronograph and a date complication. The black and red version comes with either a rubber or a black leather/red stitching strap, while the beige and black model is available with a rubber or beige Alcantra strap.



The watch by itself is really cool, but there’s something that adds even more awesomeness to the whole deal – Ducati was inspired by the watch so much that it has resulted in them making a one-of-a-kind bike made to match the black and red version of the watch! It’s a customized Diavel (similar to the one in our shoot) but with red linings around the body of the bike.








And speaking of bikes – even though the Diavel is a very cool beast there was something even more impressive – that is a superbike made by Ducati, called 899 Panigale. Extremely fast, ridiculously good looking and really exclusive, it is one of those bikes that you would only buy if you know what you’re doing on the road.





Powered by the ‘Essential Desmo’ engine it has a 6 speed Ducati Quick Shift transmission and weighs only 169 kg. Both of the Black Shield models fit the bike very well, but the black and red version really goes perfect together with the wheels of the superbike.









Heritage Black Bay x Heritage Ranger

Moving from the sporty to the classy, we also shot some of the other Tudor lines. The ‘Heritage Black Bay’ is probably the watch that best describes the brand, and the model we see and are able to buy today (or from Friday in the UK) is a revival of the original Tudor diving watch, created 60 years ago! It keeps the general look and feel of the watch while adding more colour and dynamism to the dial and casing.


Water resistant up to 200 meters, the dial is simple (as it should be) and is lit up when it’s dark for better visibility under water (and in the cinema fyi). The fabric strap completes the ‘Heritage’ look of the watch, and I’ve actually stumbled upon a very cool video on Tudor’s official website, where they show how these straps are made! So if you have a few minutes and are interested I would definitely recommend checking it out.

tudor-ducat-shoot-photos-cool-bikes-and-watches-watch-anish-watchanish-black-shield-london-heritage-black-bayThe second ‘Herirage’ model I wanted to mention is called the ‘Ranger’. Taking its roots back in 1967 it shows us how Tudor sees the ultimate watch of a ‘man of the North’ :) Simple, easily readable dial, selfwinding movement in a 41mm steel case on a pretty cool leather strap. While I do prefer more complicated looking watches this is definitely what it claims to be!






 Heritage Chrono x Heritage Advisor

While the basic models ‘Ranger’ and ‘Black Bay’ represent the essence of the brand, Tudor has some more complicated pieces for the people who prefer a more complex dial but still want to keep the heritage feel. First of them is the ‘Chrono’ – taking its roots in 1973 back when it came on a steel bracelet. It still has that luxury sports watch look to it and a very cool dial colour combination of black, orange and grey. In the 42mm case is an automatic chronograph movement with a 42 hour power reserve, which also features a date display (at 6 o’clock), but unlike the original model it is more discreet, even if bigger, and has superluminova added to the hour markers and hands.




Now, the Heritage Advisor in a classy 42mm titanium and steel casing looks and feels very different to the original piece made in 1957. The main feature of the watch, however, is kept same and improved. Tudor ‘Advisor’ is an alarm clock on the wrist. You can see the red hand on the dial which the wearer can set at the hour he wants the alarm to go off. In the center of the dial you can also see 2 apertures, left one telling you if the alarm is on, and right one displaying the power reserve of the alarm itself, which decreases as the vibration and sound start. The function is activated by the pusher at 8 o’clock, and the 2 crowns on the right are meant to wind the alarm clock and the running time. In the new version of the ‘Advisor’ we can also see a very nice date wheel at 6 o’clock which goes perfect with the overall look of the timepiece.




I hope you’ve enjoyed the post and maybe discovered a couple more interesting watches during the read. Have a nice day and make sure you check out the pieces in the UK if you are in here on the 19th and want to see the pieces in flesh!!


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