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Time to write about – writing instruments…

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Pens are probably the most common objects when it comes to promotion. I have so many, I could probably change pens every day for one year without writing with the same one twice (when I think about it, I could probably do that for several years…). Most of them are from different banks, law firms, telecom companies or IKEA. How do they normally get in new hands? How many times have you heard this conversation:

“Thanks for letting me borrow your pen, sir!”

“No problem…. Keep it!”

Even though I don’t engage in conversations with watch company representatives that often, I have managed to collect a few pens over the years.


The Hublot pencils are made by the same company that made the Rolex pen in my previous article (Caran d’Ache).

So sharp I could probably use them as a weapon!


The next pen was a prize I won at a competition online, very early into my watch addiction. It’s a small rollerball pen from Roger Dubuis.


I like!

Not the biggest, as you can see, but it writes very well!


I now own three of these Rolex pens, made by Caran d’Ache. Two of them are fitted inside my Rolex notebooks, and the third one came in it’s own Rolex box.


Open sesame!

Autographs anyone? Didn’t think so….. :’-(


No matter how nice the pens above are, they are never as sweet as the real deal. This Montblanc Solitaire with a nice, matching, notepad are superior to all the above, but they are not as fun to collect!


Signing off…


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