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AkriviA and Their New Tourbillon – Beware, It’s Awesome! (Article)

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Some time ago I was browsing Instagram looking for more watches (by hashtag search of ‘tourbillon’ watches) and I’ve stumbled upon a rather new page of a recently created brand called AkriviA. I don’t suppose that many of you have heard about it, nor known what the name ‘Akrivia’ stands for, as it has not even started selling their watches and was just presented at Baselworld for closed viewings.

As I looked through the photos on their channel I knew that I want to see this watch live to understand whether it’s just so nice on the photos or in real as well. So I contacted the two founders, and minds behind the watch: Etienne Deschamps and Rexhep Rexhepi; and even though the brand is new it still has a lot of horological past behind it, with Etienne doing his watchmaking apprenticeship at Chopard (and creating his own watch during that time), and Rexhep spending his 4 years of apprenticeship at Patek Philippe and working with great minds like F.P. Journe himself. Both of the founders know what they’re doing, and have designed their first watch themselves, focusing not only on the look but also the mechanics as the name ‘Akrivia’ (which means Precision in old Greek) suggests; which brings me to… The Watch :)
As I met with the guys in a restaurant in central Geneva, they presented the ‘Mono-pusher Tourbillon’ to me, their first creation, that surprisingly (in a good way) was smaller than I expected it to be!


The tourbillon chronograph mono-pusher that they created is a very elegant, and traditional looking watch, and sits very comfortably on the wrist. However the dial itself looks pretty modern and I especially like the tourbillon part, as it’s not your average design for it. The partially skeletonised dial is also very neat, and displays the power reserve (that Rexhep and Etienne claim to be working at least for 100 hours) at 9 o-clock and some inside parts of the watch that move when you start and stop the chronograph at 12 and 3 o’clock.


Moving from the dial to the casing, finishing and comfortability, this particular model is made of steel, and to me looked very well finished and shaped (especialy with the sides, main casing and bezel being three different components put together. In the upcoming QP Salon in London the guys also promise to present the Rose Gold version, that might be more appealing to some; they are also working on different dials and casing combinations.



So overall I really liked the watch, how it feels on the wrist (light and comfortable), how it looks, how the precise and accurate movement works and I cannot wait to see the rose gold version and more creations from Akrivia; on top of that when there’s a new watchmaker(s) that comes up with an original idea instead of copying everyone around it’s always nice; but with a first piece like this one the expectations for the later watches are already high, and if the creators will make something as cool as the Mono-Pusher Tourbillon again I think that the ‘new kid in town’ will transform into the ‘next Big thing’.


Of course if you are interested in this watch you can ask about it directly from the creators at @akrivia on instagram, on their Facebook page at or here in the comments. I’m also very interested to know what you guys think of the watch, so please leave your impressions in the comments! And don’t forget to visit AkriviA at (if you want to see how the rose gold version will look :) )


Hope You enjoyed the article, and I will be writing a new one this Sunday, so don’t forget to tune in!

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