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The pics…new Hublot King Power Unico ‘King Gold’

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A sunny day in London calls for an impromptu photoshoot!

The watch: Hublot’s new “King Gold” King Power Unico. I think they should have put ‘King’ a few more times in the model name.

The gold is a new warmer shade of rose/red/pink gold (everyone calls it something different…isn’t that right ‘Everose’ Rolex!) due to the added platinum and increased copper content in the alloy stage of production. Of course the size is huge at 48mm, and probably is better suited to smart-casual wear, but whatever, it was hot and we wanted to take some pictures before it inevitably started raining!!

I must say the in house Unico movement feels like butter! So smooth to operate, and befitting of a watch at this price point (finally!)

Oliver wears:

  • Suit – Alfred Brown wool single breast tailored by Timothy Everest
  • Cufflinks – Mulberry

Onto the watch porn…

Oliver: “I have to pay for lunch?…oh, I forgot my wallet”


Pretending to work, but silently playing Temple Run


FYI, my high score is 19million *nothing better to do obviously*


About That Life…


Topping up the tan


Dear Diary…



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