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The pics and HD video…$850k unique Hublot for Marcus Watches of London

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Well we already wrote about this piece here, so now we’re just going to shut up and let you see some hi res images and a HD hands on video of the 1 of 1 watch made by Hublot for the London distributor and boutique, Marcus Watches. Click the pictures for a 1200 x 800 expanded view.


The £535,000 one-off Hublot made for London retailer and distributor Marcus


A closer look at the dial


Black carbon fibre bridge plates..!


Titanium and Kevlar, mixed with magic pixie dust probably…


That clasp had better be strong! It’s holding together a whooooole load of money!


Did I mention it’s massive? Well yes, it is! 48mm in size


For illustrative purposes only!

Here is Alex wearing the watch with his suit. Please, do not make the mistake of wearing this watch with formal wear, it really is not made for that, and will just look like you are a ‘try-hard’. Instead wear it with any casual, or even smart casual attire and it rocks to full effect!


Here is the video available in it’s HD glory!



Can you see the hidden minute repeater switch? It’s the cutaway black section which slides along the case..!






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