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The Oktopus Invasion (article)

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We, at Watch Anish, decided to make watch articles a frequent thing, so if you like to read as much as you enjoy the photos tune in every Sunday and Wednesday for some reading material and discussions!

This time I’d like to talk about Linde Werdelin, and in particular – the Oktopus collection.

Linde Werdelin is not a brand that I knew for a long time, it was more of a very lucky discovery that I made while browsing internet and looking for some new and cool watch concepts and designs.

As soon as I saw some images of their pieces I decided to explore the brand a little more, and ended up on the Watch Anish instagram (*this was some time ago, when I still wasn’t that familiar with instagram and watch-blogging at all). To be honest it wasn’t love at first sight with the Oktopus collection, at the beginning I was into the Spidospeed models, but as I spent more time looking at the photos of it my appreciation for the Oktopus grew and finally at this year’s Baselworld I finally ‘met’ the models in person.



It’s been some time since the Baselworld 2013 has closed its doors but I was still under the spell of LW (and Oktopus in particular), and I decided to do a bit of digging around so I seem more educated the next time I meet somebody from the company (as I knew very little about the history and models).
Here’s what I learnt: Jorn Werdelin and Morten Linde, close friends for 40 years shared a common interest and ambition – to make not just a watch, but a specialized tool, that you can use for sports such as skiing and diving, that will not be only awesome-looking and waterproof but will actually help you by providing the right information you need, and as a solution they’ve developed 2 lines of watches: Spido(speed/lite) and Oktopus, each made for a different purpose but united with a sole goal. As well as watches LW also produces instruments that you can get separately and easily attach to the watches (they become skiing and diving computers on your wrist).


So why have I decided to focus this post on the Oktopus? Well first of all, it’s Summer time, and Summer is associated with swimming (at least in my mind), and as well as that Linde Werdelin has just released the all new Oktopus II in Red, that has a very summery look to it.



On top of that I had a pleasure of visiting Maverick Geneva watch boutique, that has some great pieces, especially from the Oktopus collection, and I could not resist to share them with you.



All the watches from Linde Werdelin are limited (The Yellow and Blue Oktopus II models are only 88 pieces), and as well as this all the straps are changeable, so if you prefer not to stay so flashy after the Summer time feel free to change that yellow or red rubber strap for the black calf skin one, the watches would still look great.



Hope you enjoyed this article, and if you have any suggestions about the watches I should take a look at write them in the comments and I will definitely take them into account!

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