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SIHH 2017 Day 2 – RECAP

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It was a late start for Team Watch Anish, exacerbated by people having to charge phones and laptops and cameras and hair straighteners and God knows what else while sharing one Swiss adapter. This has lead to a discussion about why Switzerland doesn’t share plug format with the rest of Europe, or any other nation for that matter. I suppose we should be grateful for Switzerland’s unique approach to technology, it’s what gave us the watch industry that we know and love.

This morning, controversially we didn’t head to SIHH but instead made for the lake to hop onboard the LVMH boat. We don’t know if it’s possible to get seasick on a lake but the wind sweeping down off the Alps was whipping the water into a frenzy, well, what passes for a frenzy in neutral Switzerland.


We were seeing Zenith and their latest collections. Zenith must be the friendliest brand out there, they’ve done a collaboration with just about everyone, and against the odds, we loved all of the pieces. The Cohiba chronograph was a release from late last year, and with its mocha brown dial dissected by the bright yellow stripe it was a delight to look at whether you’re fond of stogies or not.




The Land Rover pieces (which we’ll be reviewing at length) channeled enough of the rugged polish that makes the cars a design classic, and then we had the pleasure of being introduced to the Heritage 146 by none other than Jean-Claude Biver. The new head of Zenith and existing CEO of Tag Heuer, and CEO Hublot…and head of the LVMH watch group. Essentially Mr Biver is in charge of time.


The reason he’s responsible for almost every watch you’ve ever coveted is, aside from being very astute, he’s damned charismatic. When telling us about the new Heritage 146, a general release edition of the Hodinki limited edition, he was emphatic about how much he loved the watch.


“I’m not a salesman, I don’t have to wear my own product. Last year at Basel I wore my Patek. I wear the Heritage 146 because I love it”



It’s hard not to love a guy who says that, particularly if that guy bucked the market and increased sales of Tag by 14% last year.

Despite our man crush on Jean-Claude Biver the building nausea drove us to seek refuge on solid land, and it doesn’t get much more solid than the Four Seasons, where we had an appointment to see Jacob & Co.


Paradoxically, as a host, Jacob of Jacob & Co is original because he has absolutely no fear of being a cliché, and obviously, we love it.


The photos might be posed, but drinking Dom and being spoon fed caviar by Amazonian models, is pretty much what Jacob & Co is all about. That doesn’t mean the watches we saw weren’t serious pieces of horology which we’ll tell you all about next week.


Nobody likes leaving caviar, vintage champagne, and models but eventually we had to as the IWC gala dinner was calling.


We’d love to tell you all about that but owing to pending court cases and blurry memories there’s nothing we can reliably report!


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