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SIHH 2015: Breva Genie 03 – Speedometer on Your Wrist

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It’s no secret that there are many independent watch brands out there today, and in order to make a collector get serious about buying a luxury timepiece from a rather new watchmaker it needs to stand out and justify its status and price tag. Today we’re looking at one of those few brands that really stands out and even managed to create a niche of its own. Breva is considered to be the wrist instrument manufacturer, and its founder and CEO Vincent Dupontreué has nothing against this statement; he and the whole team work to come up with a new instrument and use for a mechanical wristwatch every year.


Now, third year in a row they’ve managed to surprise everyone during SIHH 2015 by revealing their latest model – Breva Genie 03 – a watch with a functioning mechanical speedometer on the wrist. This is really a logical yet still surprising step for the watchmaker, after they’ve managed to equip the previous models with a barometer and an altimeter :) The big question of course is – HOW? And unlike Genie 01 or 02 – at least to me – this one is a little easier to explain. The movement is now in-house, which is a big step for a small brand like Breva – it features a 3-hand sub-dial, an open balance wheel and a skeletonized barrel. However, that has nothing to do with the speedometer… :) The trick here is that while the left part of the dial is occupied by the movement and running time the right part of the dial has the speed measuring tool built in. The window you see at 1 o’clock is the subdial that shows you… (wait for it) …the speed. 




At 2 o’clock you also have a pusher that you can press and see how the cage with the speedometer pops out of the dial and reveals the little hemispherical Robinson cups that catch the wind and pass the information to the subdial telling you at what speed you are currently moving. The speed can be measured from 20 to 200 km/hour and the little instrument is made of 45 components blending in so nicely with the rest of the watch. 






This version, presented during SIHH 2015 is made of Titanium Grade 5 on a rubber strap, and apparently it’s the least expensive model yet, which will be available at under CHF50’000. Back of the watch features a micro-rotor and an engraving of km/h and m/h comparison around the case. I definitely would recommend you trying it out and playing with the speedometer function if you ever get a chance! Hope you’ve enjoyed the article and will stay tuned for more reviews of SIHH novelties from this year.

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