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SIHH 2014 Novelties – Vacheron Constantin

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Vacheron Constantin is one of those brands known for its traditions and sticking to them. So a question comes to mind – What new can there possibly be? This year at SIHH they have selected a really good strategy and came up with an answer to that question – Openwork. Watchmaking wasn’t only about the creation of movements, and many watchmakers really wanted to expose their masterpieces for everybody to see, thus creating the openwork technique.

2014-01-24_0067 2014-01-24_0060

So this time we got to see some of Vacheron’s greatest pieces being skeletonized and hand engraved on. Let’s start with a personal favourite of mine – the Malte Tourbillon Openworked! The iconic  watch (before available in gold) is now also available in Platinum, as well as in the open worked version (also in Platinum). The tourbillon itself (shaped as Vacheron’s Malte Cross) is located at 6 o’clock, counting 60 seconds, while at 11 there is a power reserve indicator (apr.

45 hours) and at 1 we see the date wheel.

2014-01-24_0024 2014-01-24_0028 2014-01-24_0032 2014-01-24_0037 2014-01-24_0043

And here is the non-openworked version (you can really imagine them as 2 separate models)


Moving on is the new open worked Metiers D’Art Mecaniques Ajourees. Vacheron Constantin came up with 4 different versions, all differing in the (what’s left of the) dial colour, as well as one of the 4 being decorated with diamonds around the bezel – the High Jewelry piece.

2014-01-24_0057 2014-01-24_0087 2014-01-24_0079

The watch is pretty basic, it doesn’t have any super complicated features, and only shows the hours and minutes. However it really isn’t boring to look at it due to the openwork and hand engraving that was put into the watch. Each little detail from the barrel to the hands draws attention to itself in that small and really classy 40mm case.

2014-01-24_0073 2014-01-24_0071 2014-01-24_0066 2014-01-24_0084

Apart from these novelties Vacheron Constantin has something really special for the ladies too… The Metiers D’Art Fabuleux Ornements is a new line of 4 different models, all featuring a skeletonized movement and a very nice decoration of the dial next to it.

2014-01-24_0023 2014-01-24_0021

All of the 4 movements are cased in a nice 37mm Rose or White Gold wristwatch, but all of them have different art hand paintings/engravings on the dial. There is the ‘Indian Manuscript’ featuring most colours in one dial out of them all.

2014-01-24_0010 2014-01-24_0004There is also the Ottoman Architecture, French Lace and the Chinese Embroidery. My personal favourite remains the purple French Lace, and I think for all the ladies (young or mature) this really shouldn’t be seen as an ‘accessory’ or ‘fashion’ watch but rather as a serious timepiece (for a price of around 110’000 $) that would really last for ages and can be passed onto the next generations.

2014-01-24_0003 2014-01-24_0014 2014-01-24_0015 2014-01-24_0001 2014-01-24_0019

So that is all from us for Vacheron Constantin’s SIHH 2014 novelty list (yes, I know there’s also the Patrimony 14 day Tourbillon openworked, but we didn’t get our hands on it) so tune in with us later to see more of this year’s horology awesomeness!

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