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Geneva 2014 Novelties – Romain Jerome 1969 Collection (Hands On!)

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Wow, for the past year it must have been pretty busy for the guys and girls at Romain Jerome; only in the past few months we’ve already seen 2 completely new sets of models (the Tattoo DNA and the new Skylab skeleton). We were almost worried that the brand didn’t have anything up the sleeve for the SIHH 2014 – well they did! So here is a pretty cool hands-on with some live photo material of the just-in Romain Jerome 1969 collection!


The new collection is an update for the Moon DNA and it’s in fact a completely new casing and dial. As RJ is pretty much obsessed with space and rare materials the use of ‘Chondrites’ (a rare meteorite) in the production of the collection was not a big surprise :)

1401WA_RJ_049 1401WA_RJ_018 1401WA_RJ_099

What I find most interesting about the watch collection is the new dials that they’ve come up with. Made of Silicium, the dial has a very cool textured finish that is given to it by a special PVD process. As for the functionality of the watch, Romain Jerome decided to keep it simple and just put the hours, minutes and offset seconds at 9 o’clock. Yes, because of the textures it might not be super easy to see the time 24/7 but in my opinion it’s more of an artistic creation rather than functional (even though it works :) )

1401WA_RJ_043 1401WA_RJ_021

1401WA_RJ_125 1401WA_RJ_071 1401WA_RJ_105

As you could now see the watch comes in 3 versions (blue, grey and brown), that differ from each other with the colour of the dial. All of them have a black croco strap, steel satin-finished bezel, 40 hours of power reserve and a textured stellar pattern with a Moon medallion on the back. As well as that there is a fourth version with the meteorite dial!

1401WA_RJ_081 1401WA_RJ_035

1401WA_RJ_075 1401WA_RJ_113

Each of the models are a limited of 99 pieces and when the coloured Silicium versions retail for 8’990 CHF ($9’590) the Meteorite model is CHF 9’990. I’d say it’s a pretty fair price for the watch, and it is definitely worth getting a look at! Great start for the 2014 SIHH! See you next time, and hope you’ve enjoyed the article :)

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