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SIHH 2014 Novelties – Richard Mille

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We now continue the SIHH 2014 novelties series with the new watches from Richard Mille. This year there are some really cool and big pieces for the men’s collection as much as for the ladies; many new calibers and fascinating limited editions. So without further intro let’s get straight into our pictorial with a bit of description for this year’s novelties…

Starting with a very special piece created in collaboration with one of the brand’s ambassadors – Natalie Portman. If you follow fashion and red carpets you might have already noticed her wearing some very nice ladies pieces by Richard Mille. This time she was the one creating her new timepiece with the brand. It turned out to be a really successful collaboration in our opinion – the RM19-01. The piece made of 18K white gold covered in diamonds features a manual-wind tourbillon and diamond covered bridges disguised as a sculpture of a spider. Really not much to say about it other than ‘Beautiful’.



Another timepiece for the ladies from Richard Mille is the RM037, featuring an automatic caliber and a date at 12 o’clock. Here are some pictures of the white ceramic and the rose gold versions for you.

2014-01-27_0043 2014-01-27_0044 2014-01-27_0048


Now, moving to some bigger and manlier pieces, here is one of my personal SIHH2014 favourites watch models – the RM35-01. The most interesting thing about this watch is the casing (even though the RMUL3 movement looks awesome too) made of NTPT (North Thin Ply Technology) carbon, a very tough material used in racing sports. It takes time to layer the material and press it to create the look you see on a ready watch. The movement itself is quite fascinating as well, weighting only 4 grams and fully skeletonized.

2014-01-27_0018 2014-01-27_0023 2014-01-27_0022

Going from tennis (Rafael Nadal 35-01) to racing, where the carbon casing really belongs Richard Mille celebrates its partnership with Lotus by creating a beast on the wrist – the RM50-01. The watch features a chronograph as well as a …G-Sensor. To be honest with you guys I have close to 0 knowledge about g-force and acceleration, but I know that the G-Sensor has something to do with these terms. It measures the true acceleration and the definition is quite complex (so I will let google help you here), but on the watch this sensor is displayed at 12 o’clock on the dial, represented with a yellow hand.

2014-01-27_0013 2014-01-27_0011 2014-01-27_0001 2014-01-27_0004

Speaking about the sports collaborations of Richard Mille there is a new ‘Yohan Blake’ timepiece out there – the RM61-01. Yes, the colours on the dial and crown are awesome (and check the tip of the seconds hand) but what’s even more interesting is the choice of material for the case – it is a special black ceramic type called TZP-N, and it’s different from a regular ceramic material because it’s much stronger and lighter. Another material used in this model is the same carbon being  used in the previous two reviewed watches. And even though not my favourite model out of this year’s novelty blast it would certainly appeal to the many fans of Mr. Blake :)


Now moving to some more circular pieces by Richard Mille – to start with is the elegant and a little crazy RM63-01. I personally love this watch – it’s round (just how I like ’em), it’s skeletonized and it has a little twist to it… As you might notice the numerals on the dial are written in a somewhat strange fashion with some of them being inclined. That is because the RM63-01 ‘Dizzy Hands’ has the dial (with all the numbers) rotate in the opposite direction while hands move in the normal clockwise fashion. It creates a pretty funky illusion and is really cool to watch. Price is actually pretty low (for a Richard Mille) going at around 120’000$

2014-01-27_0037 2014-01-27_0038 2014-01-27_0040 2014-01-27_0042

A bigger round case Diver’s collection also has a couple of interesting novelties this time. First of all there is a crazy RM36-01 with its even more advanced G-Sensor monstrosity! Created for one of the brand’s ambassadors famous in rally sports Sebastien Loeb it really makes a killer impression with its 45mm casing, ridiculously complicated dial (starting from the tourbillon at 6 o’clock and to g-force indication hands). It’s of course a limited edition of 15 pieces only, which is a reasonable decision (I imagine it’s pretty hard to produce those)…

2014-01-27_0084 2014-01-27_0088 2014-01-27_0081 2014-01-27_0078

And now onto the less complicated (not really) RM60-01 flyback chronograph. Again, extremely big and extremely busy. Sometimes I wonder how one brand can create such elegant ladies pieces with nothing but the hour, minute and date indication and then amaze everyone with beasts like these. Made of titanium it has a function of a chronograph as well as an annual calendar and a navigation function for your nautical adventures. Yep, navigation. Using the current time, position of the sun and the rotating bezel you can navigate yourself in the ocean (though I would still prefer to have a compass somewhere nearby).

2014-01-27_0093 2014-01-27_0094 2014-01-27_0096 2014-01-27_0098

Now, that is almost all of the models we got to shoot… But there is still one more, which is not as mind-blowing in a technical way but will sure amaze you with its artistic and super detailed dial – the RM51-01 ‘Tiger and Dragon’. The name of the watch is pretty self-explanatory but you really need to see it live to get the true impression. It’s just a beautiful piece of art, with diamonds and a tourbillon at 6 o’clock of the dial. On the case back, just behind the tourbillon it has a yin-yang sign to symbolise balance (and a seconds indicator:)

2014-01-27_0068 2014-01-27_0050 2014-01-27_0060 2014-01-27_0065 2014-01-27_0066

So that is all for the novelties of Richard Mille for the SIHH 2014, and we hope you liked our article and will tune in next time for more of the SIHH2014 awesomeness.

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