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Rolex – Bags of time

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As this is my first article here, I will begin with a short introduction to myself…
My name is Carl, and I’m a watch-oholic. Well, to make things even worse, I love most luxurious things, be it watches, cars, pens or menswear. I’m also (I think) the only non-native English speaking contributor to the site, so please keep that in mind if you find any spelling mistakes or think my grammar is on a child’s level.
The majority of my articles will most likely contain watches or watch-related items (like this one), but other subjects can pop up as well! This article will be the first in a short series of smaller articles about not often seen watch accessories!

Yes, that’s me and a rare Rolex duffel bag! It doesn’t see daylight that often…

In retailing, customer service plays a very important role. That is of course also true in the world of watches; you can’t create a successful watch business just by making a beautiful and accurate watch. You have to work hard if you want your customers to come back.
Most successful brands of course know about this fact. They have to do more than the customer expects when purchasing the watch. Extended guarantees could be one such thing. Some brands also invite good customers to have dinner with representatives in order get a chance to look at and learn more about their new watches. Others can be invited to factory tours to really get a close-up view on how the watches are made. Sadly, I’m not one of those “good” customers…. Yet.
Perhaps the most common thing is that you get freebies with the watch you purchase and this gift can basically take any form. I have seen notepads, wallets, pens, sunglasses, loupes, scarfs, t-shirts etc etc. The first item to be featured in this series is a set of bags I aquired quite some time ago. They were, as you can see, produced for Rolex.

Even though it says “ROLEX” all over it, you have to stand pretty close to actually be able to tell. Furthermore, a non-WIS has no idea what it is!

The lady I bought them from said they came from an event at the St Andrews golf course a couple of years ago; at least that’s what she heard in the boutique she bought them from (it could definitely be true, seeing as Rolex is the official partner of the St Andrews golf course).

It’s bigger than any Rolex bag I have ever seen before!

The document holder/laptop bag fits a 13″ MacBook pro. Same design as the other bag.

I think it looks pretty cool!

The quality is, as you should expect, excellent. The leather is soft, the metal is solid and the fabric seems quite durable. The details are also very cool, with tiny bits and pieces of Rolex everywhere. The leather handles are fixated by Rolex crowns for example!
Items like this are (to me) almost as alluring as the watches themselves. It’s a non-retail product of sorts, but more so it tells you more about the company in terms of what their ideas of quality and finesse are. You would expect a bag from Rolex to be of very high quality, and whilst this may not be up there with Goyard or Hermes in terms of leatherwork and hand finishing, it is more than capable of holding it’s own. When slightly off-beat and non-publicised products such as this are released by watch companies I always look to seek them out. I’ll be showcasing items throughout the week, so come back for more tales of my addiction!!

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