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Roger Dubuis and Maurice Lacroix for the Only Watch Auction 2013 (article)

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Continuing the series of articles (click here to read them) (and here as well) on the Only Watch Auction timepieces, an auction that will be held in Monaco on the 28th of September to support the good cause and fund the research of Duchenne muscular dystrophy for the kids, I will take a look at two more watches from Roger Dubuis and Maurice Lacroix.

Each watch is different, and the reason I’ve combined the two is that they represent complete opposite sides of watchmaking and approaches towards the auction. In the Red corner, we have the Roger Dubuis Monegasque flying tourbillon. Might I say it is one of not very many tourbillons being auctioned there. This year Roger Dubuis in my opinion is playing it as safe as it gets :) With the already famous and liked by many design even the name of the model screams ‘Location Location Lication!!!’ – its the Monegasque, which from French translates to ‘A citizen of Monaco’.


The tourbillon on the watch is made also as the standard design, that many people such as me already consider a classic, personally I love that movement look, but while the micro rotor in front is usually something I really enjoyed (in the Excalibur collection) here it looks a little out of place as the dial is quite small (even with the 44mm casing) and is a bit crowded. But again, its just my opinion, and overall its one of the coolest RD models I’ve seen in the Monegasque series.

Now remember how I said that Maurice Lacroix is the opposite of that Monegasque? Well in the Blue (or most probably Black) corner is their ‘Masterpiece Seconde Mysterieuse’ and believe me when I say, it is a masterpiece. The reason its so different from Roger Dubuis (among other reasons) is that its not really something I’d expect from the company, that I know for making classier watches, and some chronographs or calendars. Last year I’ve been noticing some very good changes in the brand and this piece only proves them to be going in the right direction.


The full black cool looking watch might not have the best finishing in the world, but the genius lays within. It is a real shame that I haven’t made a video of it, as the main awesome point about the watch is that small Seconds hand at 6 o’clock that is literally showing the ‘organized chaos’, it does not go around the axis, it moves from one side to another, and counts 15 seconds on each side of the dial. As I don’t like to lie I wouldn’t tell you how it is made (I simply have no idea), and in that the watch proves its second part of the name – Mysterious :)



I like both watches a lot, love the leather straps, designs, execution and the look on the wrist. As for the Roger Dubuis I am sure there will be quite a number of bidders fighting over this classical piece.. But do not underestimate the Mysterious Maurice Lacroix, in my opinion it will be the real underdog of the auction, that will come out on top.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my article and from now on I will be moving them to Tuesday and Friday every week! Tune in on Friday to see who I visited on my trip to Moscow!

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