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Patek Philippe Skymoon Tourbillon 6002G – Most Exclusive Hands-On!

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Yes, you heard us right, it’s a ‘hands-on’ with the most complicated and recent creation from Patek Philippe (you might’ve heard of them…). The 6002 is this year’s biggest Patek, preceding the reference 5002 sky moon tourbillon. The watch was indeed playing hard to get for some time, but as our team was in Geneva all of the last week it was pre requisite that we shot this illustrious piece!

patek-philippe-skymoon-tourbillon-watch-watchanish-watchreview-review-6002-6002g-geneva patek-philippe-skymoon-tourbillon-watch-watchanish-watchreview-review-6002-6002g-wrist patek-philippe-skymoon-tourbillon-watch-watchanish-watchreview-review-6002-6002g

The watch features 13 complications and two faces, as well as an awesome case that we will discuss a little later. First about the front dial – it might not look very complex but only because all the complications are hidden inside. Nevertheless we have the regular time, perpetual calendar, displaying day, date and month in a less busy way than the 5002 (using the apertures), as well as a very nicely decorated moon phase, made like the rest of the dial in shades of blue enamel (and no, ’email’ at 6 o’clock doesn’t actually send letters via the watch, it’s German for ‘enamel’). The word ‘Tourbillon’ though does mean… tourbillon, which is Patek’s usual way of telling you ‘Yep, it’s there!’ and even without displaying it from either of the sides you know – this brand doesn’t lie :)

patek-philippe-skymoon-tourbillon-watch-watchanish-watchreview-review-6002-6002g-geneva-london-strap-coffee patek-philippe-skymoon-tourbillon-watch-watchanish-watchreview-review-6002-6002g-geneva-london-strap patek-philippe-skymoon-tourbillon-watch-watchanish-watchreview-review-6002-6002g-geneva-london-strep-tea patek-philippe-skymoon-tourbillon-watch-watchanish-watchreview-review-6002-6002g-geneva-london-boutique patek-philippe-skymoon-tourbillon-watch-watchanish-watchreview-review-6002-6002g-geneva-london

Now if we look at the back side of the watch here is when things really start getting complicated and interesting. First of all it features only astronomical functions. The sidereal time function helps astronomers keep track of the star they are observing, and in the 6002 it helps you do the same thing by looking at the rear of your watch. As well as that you can see the sky chart, phases and orbit of the moon.

patek-philippe-skymoon-tourbillon-watch-watchanish-watchreview-review-6002-6002g-back-sky-stars-mrwatchguide patek-philippe-skymoon-tourbillon-watch-watchanish-watchreview-review-6002-6002g-back-sky-stars patek-philippe-skymoon-tourbillon-watch-watchanish-watchreview-review-6002-6002g-geneva-london-champagne

If we look at the casing there are 3 pushers in total, one is for the 2-gong minute repeater, activated on the left side of the watch. The other two have their functions forever engraved in them: one stands for the adjustment of regular time and calendar while the other is for the sidereal. This actually brings me to the next point about the piece – engraving. Of course today having a hand-engraved case (while it is still very luxurious) is not super rare. However Patek, as you might have guessed, is using some very special bruins, carving the calatrava crosses and other ornaments on one big piece of white gold. It is told to be a work of more than a hundred hours in total, and if there is any disturbance and the master’s hand moves even one millimeter to the wrong direction the entire work has to be restarted!

patek-philippe-skymoon-tourbillon-watch-watchanish-watchreview-review-6002-6002g-back-sky-stars-case-girl patek-philippe-skymoon-tourbillon-watch-watchanish-watchreview-review-6002-6002g-back-sky-stars-case patek-philippe-skymoon-tourbillon-watch-watchanish-watchreview-review-6002-6002g-back-sky-stars-instagram patek-philippe-skymoon-tourbillon-watch-watchanish-watchreview-review-6002-6002g-back-sky-stars-mrwatchguide-2

So yeah, from the technical side the watch is absolutely amazing, and carries a price tag of more than $1’200’000. While the 5002 even though as complicated and pricey for me seemed more like a piece to wear, this one has that ‘museum’ look, almost more in the category of Art Piece due to the extensive dial and case work in combination with the multiple complications.

patek-philippe-skymoon-tourbillon-watch-watchanish-watchreview-review-6002-6002g-luxury-exclusive patek-philippe-skymoon-tourbillon-watch-watchanish-watchreview-review-6002-6002g-photography-wrist patek-philippe-skymoon-tourbillon-watch-watchanish-watchreview-review-6002-6002g-photography patek-philippe-skymoon-tourbillon-watch-watchanish-watchreview-review-6002-6002g-cufflinks

Athough who am I kidding? If I had that watch all to myself I would be wearing it everywhere I go, and thinking ‘Life’s real good’ to myself :) Now that the review of this unique timepiece is over I’d like you to tell me your opinion about it in the comments, but before check out a couple more photos that we made!

patek-philippe-skymoon-tourbillon-watch-watchanish-watchreview-review-6002-6002g-luxury-exclusive-bag patek-philippe-skymoon-tourbillon-watch-watchanish-watchreview-review-6002-6002g-luxury-exclusive-table patek-philippe-skymoon-tourbillon-watch-watchanish-watchreview-review-6002-6002g-luxury-exclusive-blackandwhite

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