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Paris is Only A Good Idea If You Know Where To Go

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Paris is definitely not the best idea unless you have friends there or a certain bucket list of things to do and places to visit. Otherwise, welcome to the Tour Eiffel and Louvre. That’s about as much as you’ll see as a tourist. The endless amount of ‘brasseries’, fashion shops and bridges is simply going to confuse you, especially if you’re only in town for a few days.

And before the title of this post leads you on the wrong track, let me just say this isn’t a city guide or whatsoever. Just a day in Paris and some of our favourite places in town that work great for photoshoots and leisure.



Paris is asleep. Until 10AM that is. So unless you’re about to accept a 9-5 job there don’t be bothered to open your eyes until then. For this particular journey we’ve decided to stay at Hôtel Park Hyatt, located in the heart of Place Vendôme.

Get geared up, cause unless the weather app says ’30 degrees Celsius outside’ the sun can get very deceiving. The more layers you put on (without getting too crazy) the better.








Lunch. Or Brunch. Or even breakfast if you just woke up. But croissant, club sandwich and coffee are mandatory. We suggest picking a spot close to the river with an open terrace and lots of natives rather than tourists. That’s when you know it’s good. The place we picked here is located right next to the famous Notre-Dame de Paris, a beautiful cathedral right in the heart of Paris.





Walk. Shop. Break. Repeat. Unless you have your day planned with museum stops or Pokemon hunting this is what you end up doing in Paris. And it feels so right. We recommend Rue Saint-Honore and boutiques around Place Vendome. After all, that’s where we got so many beautiful Chopard watches from.





When shops are closed, but you feel like you’re ready to go 5 more rounds and aren’t going to settle for some sleep, that’s when Paris reveals its true colours. The nightlife is what makes this town so alive, starting from clubs around Champs Elysees (like L’Arc, VIP Room, Raspoutine) and to so many less mainstream but even better places around the city centre. One of our favourite restaurants/lounges is a place called ‘Yeeels’, located on Avenue George V. It’s a perfect mix of chic and street, where you’ll be able to see marble and glass tables in one room, and wall graffiti by Alec Monopoly in another.




All watches by Chopard

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