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New Richard Mille RM56-02 Sapphire Case Tourbillon – Live Release from Watches & Wonders

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Second day of Watches & Wonders, and it’s time for yet another awesome novelty. This time we actually got our hands on the new Richard Mille RM56-02. Yep, that’s right – we have live pics, so you can see how it really looks and hear all about how it feels to have a 2’000’000 $ full sapphire crystal cased ‘watch & wonder’ in your hands :)



Let’s start with a little history lesson – Richard Mille is known for being the 1-percenter’s brand, the watch you always see and unless you know about how movements and cases are made, and the price point in general you’d be surprised why it costs ‘so much’. They also are known for being inventors of many futuristic concepts and materials in watchmaking, but in 2012 Richard Mille decided to amaze everyone by coming out with the RM056 – a tourbillon and split second chronograph housed in a full sapphire crystal case. Priced at over 1.5 million $ it created a huge buzz, but also found a long list of people trying to get it. As the demand was very high Richard Mille came up with a similar model next year – RM56-01. However, even though some people were confused, as they thought RM056 would be the only one of its kind, the new piece featured a completely different movement as well as a complication (tourbillon with torque and power reserve indicators), and on top of that had even more sapphire parts in it (some bridges and the baseplate). This year brings the trilogy to its logical end, with the introduction of Richard Mille’s arguably most anticipated watch of the year – RM56-02.





Much like the previous 2 models the entire case is made of 3 parts of sapphire crystal, which is extremely complicated to sculpt, so it takes over 900 hours just to complete the casing. Apart from that, Richard Mille decided to use their pulleys and cable system in this model. If you’re not familiar with it let me explain – first of all, that system is similar to what you see at your gym… just much, much smaller. You have the tiny pulleys around the inner side of the case, and all of them are holding a cable. Why? Because that is how the entire movement on the titanium baseplate in the middle of the dial holds in the case and allows it to absorb shocks and actually move around (slightly) within, in case of high activity.  It also gives the piece a really cool and bizarre look. You would be familiar with that system if you’ve seen their RM27-01 otherwise known as the ‘Nadal watch’.






So what do we get in the end? Well, not ‘we’ but the 10 lucky customers next in line for the watch… It’s a unique material and complication combo with a very distinctive look and a very high price point. Out of the three RM56’s made this one to me is the most minimalistic and perfected version, so if I had the power of choice between the three I’d definitely go for this high end simplicity. Some could say that Richard Mille produced too many sapphire pieces by now, but to me it makes sense, as all three models are different, demand for the concept was high and its too good of an idea to end it with just one watch :) Hope you’ve enjoyed the article, and will tune in tomorrow for more novelties and reviews from Watches & Wonders!

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