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Ulysse Nardin Marine Deck Tourbillon Launch in Abu Dhabi

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Ulysse Nardin revisits its origins. Sailing that is. If you followed my Instagram feed last week then you saw how much I fell in love with the novelty. If not, you’re about to find out now.

Last week I and my team were invited all the way to Abu Dhabi to see the unveiling of the very limited piece called Marine Deck Tourbillon in the Middle East region. If you know Ulysse Nardin, you know sailing is their primary passion. The whole ‘Marine’ collection is pretty much perfect for the sea journeys. This watch however, takes the term to a completely new level.




Instead of simply putting together a tourbillon with a sailing flag on the dial or even more effortless (lazy) – just giving it the name it has, Ulysse Nardin went as far as install a complication that would remind you of a sail boat whenever you take a glance at the watch.





I am talking about the retrograde minutes here, of course. The way they work (and it’s best described in a video) is when the minute hand moves across the dial you’ll have a little cable move with it, as if it’s a sail about to open or close. And as soon as the hand reaches a 60-minute mark it shoots backwards with the cable also rapidly moving in the opposing direction.




Just above the minute hand you’ll also see a window that displays jumping hours. And just below you’ll see a beautiful and technical tourbillon with an anchor engraved on it. A nice extra touch UN added to the watch is the little barriers around the dial, same ones you’ll see in a boat. And there’s the hand crafted wood marquetry dial itself, of course. So the whole thing is pretty much a mini sized boat for the wrist, and in no way is it tacky or busy.






The piece itself was first shown back in Baselworld, earlier this year, but is only available as of now, being a very limited edition of just 18 pieces. The only piece for the whole MEA region is available at Al Manara International Jewellery, in Abu Dhabi.



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