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New Hublot Classic Fusion and the OnlyWatch special watch hands on!

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In light of the OnlyWatch specials we have done on Watch Anish for the past month the journey comes to an end with the very special Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon Red OnlyWatch auction unique piece. As well as that I’d like to present to you the new model by Hublot, also from the Classic Fusion collection, but with an aero chronograph instead of the tourbillon.



I’d like to start with the new for this year (just out in the boutiques) Hublot Classic Fusion Aero Chronograph in Titanium. First of all I’ll establish my personal point of view on Hublot watches in general. I’m not the biggest fan of some huge and chunky models, for the reason being – I’m a skinny guy, with a skinny wrist, and for some years I thought Hublot would never suit me because the smaller models were too conservative or too girly, and the bigger ones even though awesome too big for me. So you can probably imagine my excitement when I saw this Classic Fusion Chronograph, both nice in case size (45mm) and not thick as its brother Big Bang or King Power. On top of that the watch is an absolute beauty, at least to me, and I immediately preferred the open skeleton dial to a closed one (as it exists in both versions).

hublot-watch-watchanish-anish-brand-chronograph-date-florence-blog hublot-watch-watchanish-anish-brand-chronograph-date-titanium-aero-blog-watchblog


The watch is also quite light, as it is made of Titanium (although a rose gold model exists too). By the way, if you’re thinking that I rush with the complements this review isn’t based on just first impressions, I wore the watch for a weekend, and didn’t change my opinion for a second :) The main function of the watch is a chronograph, and with the open dial you can really see the entire movement at work when you start and reset it. The main big seconds hand is for the chronograph too, and the small dial at 9 o’clock shows a 30 minute indicator for the chronograph. The seconds for the main time are off centered to 3 o’clock and the date wheel goes around the entire dial, but displays the current date at 6 o’clock.

hublot-watch-watchanish-anish-brand-chronograph-date-blog-titanium hublot-watch-blog-watchanish-chronograph-aero-titanium-hublotwatch-watches hublot-watch-watchanish-anish-brand-chronograph-date-classcic-fusion-titanium hublot-watch-blog-watchanish-brand-suit-florence-kooples-aero-chronograph-titanium

All the functions on the dial are very balanced, and it doesn’t look very busy like the Aerobang model for example. Another thing that just does the trick and seals the deal for me is the leather strap. Even though not full leather (its rubber on the inside) I still prefer it to any rubber strap. It looks sophisticated and at the same time cool. Now if we’re talking about the quality/price it’s actually surprisingly good. While usually most watches I like are in the ‘Not in this life’ range for me, this Classic Fusion is around $15’000, and after a bit of saving up it seems like a real and achievable goal.

hublot-classic-fusion-chronograph-2013-aero-titanium-watch-brand hublot-watch-watchanish-anish-brand-chronograph-date-florence-pool-aero-bang-2013-blog hublot-watch-watchanish-anish-brand-chronograph-date-watchblog-classic-fusion-aero

Now that I’m done praising the Classic Fusion Aero Chronograph let’s move to what everybody’s been waiting for us to review – the Hublot Classic Fusion Red Tourbillon for the OnlyWatch Auction. We at Watch Anish are quite lucky to say the truth about watches, and I am honestly telling you, it’s a one badass watch! Hublot calls the Classic Fusion Tourbillon a masterpiece, and while I’m not sure how the production and designing of it went down it turned out to be my favorite Hublot tourbillon.

hublot-classic-fusion-watch-brand-watchanish-red-onlywatch-auction-only-tourbillon-ceramic hublot-classic-fusion-tourbillon-red-ceramic-onlywatch-only-watch-auction-watchblog-blog-watchanish

While my favorite version of it is the full black one, the Red one adds a nice touch to the watch, and as Hublot is a brand famous for the fusion, this Red is not simply red paint, it is actually first bright colored ceramic ever in the world, and it was made to symbolize the Red color of Monaco, where the auction will be held on the 28th September. The watch itself is made of 155 components with a power reserve of 5 days. In general it’s an awesome design and as always – innovation by Hublot watches.

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