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Montblanc Summit

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Montblanc Summit



Ordinarily when we write about watch brand collaborations they are almost exclusively with car companies. It has a well worn synergy. One lends the other a sense speed, the other in return, a sense of precision for measuring that speed.




The Montblanc Summit is not a car collaboration. It is a tech collaboration. Think less Modena, more Palo Alto.

At the launch party on Thursday night we, along with the rest of the world were introduced to Montblanc’s first ever smart watch.*




Its Android Wear  2.0 operating system was explained to us by one of the genial boffins from Google.






The operating system does offer a fantastic spectrum of apps that equip the wearer for almost anything modern society can throw at them.




Google assistant acts as a virtual PA for the man on the go, and an integrated heart rate monitor coupled with Runtastic app means that man can look after his health as well as his affairs. The voice activated translator, Uber and Foursquare, Google Play Music app are enough to get you through the whole spectrum of modern metropolitan living.





The look and feel of the watch is clearly important Montblanc. While the Summit boats multiple functions, it has sidestepped the pitfall of looking merely functional.

It brings a vintage aesthetic to an incredibly modern piece of technology. The curved sapphire glass is a first for smart watches, and reinforces the sentiment that this is a smart watch, from a watch brand.




The 46mm case is available in 4 different materials, with a further 8 strap variations, combining with the multiple dial choices to create 300 permutations of the Montblanc Summit. For those of you who would like something even more personal, there is a bespoke service, for the price of €15,000 that gives you access to Montblanc’s designers and programmers to create something that is unique to you.





For those of you who don’t feel compelled to have their very own edition, the Montblanc Summit will cost £765.

*we actually got a sneak peek the week before but we had to sign non-disclosure agreements so we couldn’t let you guys in on the gossip sadly!






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