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Millimeters – Vol.1

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Let me introduce you to someone I have followed and revered for some time. Meisturwerk Machinen.…a watchmaker, artisan, dreamer & designer. 

I asked MM to create a series of visual diaries for the site, based on his influences, experiences and to showcase his personal skill set when it comes to both watchmaking and leather work. Part 1 is what you will find below, written in his own words…enjoy!

Makers – Formula for a steady hand


If you follow as closely as I do, you will recall a feature titled, “A way to travel…” which showcases my vintage Louis Vuitton leatherworking travel kit.  A lot goes into creating anything worthwhile as nothing worth having comes easily.  I pull from the corners of the world and through decades of time to bring my vision of a proper life to reality.  It is of utmost importance for me to use only quality materials whether they are for work or leisure, as I believe this exemplifies the essence of luxury.  I draw upon a unique blend of tradition and experience in order to stress the values of fine watch & strap making in an attempt to reinvent history while still utilizing traditional methods of workmanship.  How else would one justify a vintage Louis Vuitton tool kit?

Whether in the shop or on holiday…I live my life one millimeter at a time.  I subconsciously break life down into blueprint form and while some call it compulsive, I call it an advantage.  While I don’t feel the need to reinvent the wheel…I do feel it necessary to make it roll at my speed.


A reverie.  An icon.  A “masterpiece”.  A British founded creative label…Meisturwerk Machinen infuses design influences from German history and vintage Americana with the values of British tailoring.  While searching for inspiration to formalize the brand name, three principles soon became apparent :

Meisterstuck – German word for masterpiece.

UhrwerkGerman word for clockwork.

MaschinenGerman word for machine.

Disected and fused to formulate Meisturwerk Machinen, this branding is informally translated as “Masterpiece Clockwork Machines”.

Each of my products are the embodiment of uncompromising quality and exceptional workmanship.  The brand was rooted from the passion of measuring and portraying time and from the inception has been focused on product lines including, but not limited to accessories for luxury wrist watch brands such as Rolex, Panerai, Blancpain, Cartier, Omega, Audemars PIguet and many others.  As the brand evolved it also expanded into a vast collection of leather goods as well as into the fields of custom carpentry and engineering.  From its historical vintage straps to its hand crafted horological machines the brand has constructed it’s bespoke creations since 2009.

I am happy to present “Millimeters – volume.1”, the first piece to a vast puzzle of photography and insight into my world. Take a journey into my workshop and follow me one millimeter at a time as I build a strap from my latest series titled “Fudj”.












The Meisturwerk Machinen collection includes leather watch straps, luggage, collector boxes, camera and hand bags, laptop / ipad sleeves, horological creations and just in time for Christmas I will be releasing my “Bullitt” driving gloves. I thank you for taking part in my artistic process. Stay tuned for the next Volume in my “Millimeters” saga.




While I enjoy the finer things in life and believe in a lavish environment, my goal in this industry and reason for pushing beyond my given limits is not to grace the cover of Forbes, rather than to never be forgotten…After all, you are worth nothing if not worth remembering.

  Perpetually, Meisturwerk Machinen

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