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MB&F M.A.D. Gallery – Max Busser & many Friends – P.2 (article)

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Last Sunday I wrote an article on MB&F at the M.A.D. Gallery, and as it clearly didn’t cover enough I wanted to visit it again for the shoot. So I went there on Wednesday with intention to arrange for the next day, and as I agreed with the guys and was walking out of the gallery I see the man himself Max Busser having lunch! Obviously I could not pass on this opportunity to meet him even if it included bothering him from a conversation:)

He proposed to me to meet at the gallery in 15 minutes and was there sharp. Turned out he is very down to earth and passionate about the company and watches! It was a real pleasure to talk with him, and we scheduled a shoot for the next day with Max participating in it! He welcomes you to the gallery 😉
First of all I would continue from where we left off – the HM5. While some people disregard it for being not as flashy and complex looking as the HM3 or 2 I think its one of their biggest achievements.
HM5 took a long time to produce as the idea behind it was to make ordinary dials and make them show time horizontally, through prisms. The technology itself was hard to make, and at one point Max and friends had to start from scratch! The watch turned out to have a cool seventies look to them with a very simple exterior, showing only hours and minutes. There is also a special winder on top of the watch that opens up the ‘blinds’ on it!
Another cool thing is that in the dark the watch’s dials shine even through the prism and with very cool colors depending on the model. And just so you know there’s only 2 models left, with a retail price of $60’000.
Now the next item for review – the Music Machine, created in collaboration with the greatest music box manufacturer – Reuge, also made in Switzerland. I visited their factory some time ago and their quality of work is incredible.
The Music Machine is a project designed by MB&F and executed by Reuge. It exists in 2 colors: black and white, and each machine has 2 cylinders, with 3 melodies in each of them. One side of the machine plays the 2 themes from Star Wars and one from Star Trek (let the battle of the fans begin) and the other side plays great hits by Pink Floyd, Deep Purple and John Lennon.
With only 33 pieces made in black and 33 in white this is a true collectable piece, and while I was shooting at the gallery both were bought in less than one hour!
Next interesting collection I would like to show you from there is the lamps. Yes, lamps :) but they are not your average ones! Made by Frank Buchwald the Machine Lights are crafted completely (literally completely) by hand. They all have this raw and vintage look to them and definitely not for everyone.
The lights are a great part of any creative interior design and for me they look great. Frank only makes about 10 of those a year, so they are not only hand crafted but also very rare and valuable.
As well as Frank M.A.D. Gallery has many great minds exposing their ‘babies’ and one of the pieces that grabbed my immediate attention was the electric guitar made by Ulrich Teuffel and called.. Wait for it.. Rhodium Prodigy Birdfish! Yep, that pretty much sums it up :)


I loved the guitar, i have to be honest, there are few guitars that I enjoy by both look and sound, and as there was an amplifier I could try it out, even though I forgot most of what I learnt in the days I was in the ‘school band’ :)


Here Max is showcasing the guitar to me wearing his HM3, and I think it looks pretty cool 😉 Now I see that the article is getting pretty long so I would stretch it a little more, and next time would go in depth with the Moon Machine, the SevenFriday watches and HM4, as well as some other art pieces from the gallery!


Hope you enjoyed this article, and tell me what machine you liked the most in the comments! :)

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