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MB&F LM101 Hands On Review – Legacy Machine Roots

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MB&F (Max Busser & Friends) can really be considered as one of the most innovative brands today with their crazy inventions like the Horological Machines, and whatever project they start it always ends up being very unique; they proved it a couple of years ago with the creation of their first Legacy Machine (LM1) in which they managed to combine the classic look, functionality and at the same time a very futuristic concept. The flying balance wheel became an iconic signature of the ‘Legacy’ very fast and last year MB&F has come up with another timepiece in the series calling it LM2. It took the concept of flying balance wheels to a next level creating a watch with a differential that took readings of 2 wheels and combined them to create the mean and more accurate time. Today (or actually a couple of weeks ago) the brand presented their third Legacy Machine, but instead of building on top of the first two they took a step back to really underline and show what the essence of this collection is and came up with the LM101.




But don’t get me wrong – MB&F LM101 is not a crappy movie prequel (like the ‘X-Men Wolverine: Origins’ for example), in fact it’s far from it, and here’s why… First of all it’s what we see in a watch straight away – the design. It keeps the same look as the Legacy Machine 1 or 2, but comes in a smaller casing – 40mm, actually making it a completely different timepiece due to the need of a new movement; Which brings me to the second point – LM101 carries the very first completely in-house movement by MB&F, and that is one hell of a movement! It also still fits and feels perfect on my wrist and because of the dome-like sapphire glass and its spacious dial it does not look too small.





In fact I don’t even think we need to be comparing the LM101 with LM1, these 2 watches have 2 completely different purposes: while LM1 is a dual time zone the LM101 is essentially a perfect dress watch for a modern-horology lover. It’s power reserve is displayed in a flat subdial and it doesn’t have any other functions apart from that and time telling. The large flying balance wheel contrasting with the classy look turns it into a sophisticated alien spaceship (but then again, what at MB&F does NOT look like an alien spaceship?:)





And now to the biggest surprise of the day – that is the price. Both rose and white gold versions of LM101 will be retailing at only 52’000 CHF (without tax) and that is almost half the price of the LM1 and almost 1/3 the price of the LM2, so I don’t know about you but I just started saving :)







Hope you’ve enjoyed the article and I urge you to go and check it out in person, as it really has a very cool traditional-meets-futuristic feel to it!

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