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MB&F HM6 ‘Space Pirate’ – Completely New Horology Machine from Max Busser and Friends!

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WOOP WOOP! <- That’s the only possible way I can start this post! And sorry in advance for the multiple exclamation marks here :) I know that sometimes it’s best to get technical or serious when reviewing a serious watch, but I will let other journalists and bloggers do that in this case. Here you will find an article made by a fanboy, an excited and a very happy one, because he’s been waiting for this day ever since Baselworld 2014 (when a certain someone tipped him off that there will be a new Horology Machine from Max Busser). The wait is now over and I am very happy to present the latest from arguably the coolest contemporary watchmaker today – the MB&F HM6!!!


Yes, this is something entirely new, something we haven’t ever seen before; not a remake of an existing watch, but rather a timepiece from the future! HM6 design-wise to me is on the same level (or maybe even crazier) as Vianney Halter’s Harry Winston ‘Opus 3’ or MB&F’s HM4 – only difference is that it looks much more slick and perfected. It actually resembles something alien that could come to our world by accident. Which is almost correct… Much like other Horology Machines there is an inspiration source behind the design – it comes from an old animated series called ‘Capitaine Flam’ and in particular the spaceship of the main character, so popular among the French speaking countries (I’ll let you do the googling).





If you’re confused in how and where to read time, let’s do an unboxing and review session here… The photos I showed before all display the HM6’s ‘box’ it will come with. MB&F is also known for creating unusual watch boxes and this one takes it to the next level as it’s also a winder made for the machine! If we take the watch out and feel it in the hand it’s actually extremely light, which is because of the material it’s made of – Titanium.




The round shapes of the ‘shell’ are all made of one piece of Titanium, which is very hard to ‘sculpt’ so the design is an achievement on its own. The spaceship timepiece has 4 domed sapphire crystal corners. There are also 4 more on the back side, but let’s not jump there just yet! Two of them (on the bottom) represent time, much like we’ve seen in the HM4 or HM3, but the left one will tell you the hours and the right one – minutes. The 2 domes on the top have 2 turbines inside that are responsible for regulating the Platinum rotor (in the back) and absorbing some of its force, which creates a very cool dynamic movement when you are on the move!






And now we get to the coolest part of the MB&F HM6 – the hidden tourbillon! Yup, there’s a tourbillon, and you might have noticed it in the previous photos already but let’s get more personal with that thing :)  Located right in the middle of the machine it is also under a sapphire dome; difference between other domes is that this one is also equipped with a Titanium dome within that you can open and close with a crown on the left of the case!




It’s super fun to play with it, but there’s also a function to it – because sunlight can be a bit damaging for the oil in the movement it is recommended to keep your tourbillon closed if you are too exposed to the sun for a long time :)  But let’s face it – if you owned that watch you’d be playing the that system all day long whether you’re indoors or outside.





In real life the piece is a bit thinner than I expected when I saw the first pictures of it, but it’s a good thing – it fits perfectly on the wrist (you’d be surprised!) and the calf strap is much more comfy that some other MB&F straps I used to try. Maybe not as classy and easy to wear as the Legacy series but this limited edition of 50 pieces (in Titanium) will only be hitting the wrists of the most adventurous and passionate collectors. And if I had (around) $200’000 to spend on a watch I’d be on the waiting list in no time :)







Again, I am super exciting for the launch and can’t wait to see Instagram overflow with posts of the HM6! Hope you liked it as well as my extremely unstructured fanboy post and pics we made outside the M.A.D Gallery in Geneva. Tell me in the comments what you think of it, whether it’s something you’d love to wear of if you’re more a boring traditional watch guy…

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