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MB&F HM3 Frog and LM1 watches Escape to Italy (article)

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To start with I’d like to note that just in case you see a guy wearing a suit and MB&F watches on each of the two wrists, walking around in Geneva – please do not turn me back in the M.A.D. Gallery, where I secretly broke in and decided to make myself a holiday in Italy by taking the Horological Machine #3 Frog and the Legacy Machine #1 along with me… :)

So last weekend, as you’ve probably realized I went to the country of art and fashion and took a couple of friends with me. My journey started in Geneva, where I (foolishly) decided to take the train, instead of a plane, to Florence. Early Friday morning I assured my girlfriend that I would not get too crazy with the watches, and spend some quality holiday time with her. Let’s just hope I will have some more chances to redeem my false promise, as I could not resist to take pictures practically anywhere. When we arrived to Florence the first thing that amazed me was the location of my place of stay, which was right across the world famous cathedral/museum/historical place – Duomo, that I could observe easily from my window.
As we traveled by train, upon arrival it was already evening time, and we could enjoy the not so hot weather walking around Florence, and then dining on one of the historical squares of the city.
As this article is getting a little too informal let’s mix it with some technical info :) The Legacy Machine is a last year’s novelty (and soon to be complimented with the second model, which we will obviously show you!) and it is the first watch to have a vertical power reserve (at 6 o’clock) which is very fun to look at when winding. Another cool thing about the watch is that the balance wheel is located above the 2 dials (each showing separate time zones) and is much bigger than your average escapement. LM1 is made in 2 editions of around 40 Red gold and 40 White gold pieces per year, and a manual winding system. The piece looks sexy on a lady just as much as it looks on a guy.
Second piece that I took with me to Italy was the HM3 “Frog”. Why is it called Frog? Just look at it, and think again :) the HM3 uses a very special for MB&F time telling system, with the ‘eyes’ of the Frog you can see the hours on the left, and the minutes on the right. Another nice detail about the watch is that there is a date indicator near the winder. Which brings me to the next point – The WINDER. If anyone from the MB&F is reading this right now, I am sorry but I abused it as much as possible, by rotating it every second of the day, and being amazed at the speed and way the rotor works. The piece I took with me is made of titanium, but it also exists in Gold.
Now that you know what the pieces are (if you haven’t already) I will continue with my storytelling.. There we were, me and my girlfriend in the beautiful city of Florence, walking around at night, with the only thing on our minds being ‘Hope no one understands we have $200’000 worth of accessories on us’ and we will get to keep the watches as well as our wrists :) So at that point we decided to call it a night, and continued the journey next morning.
The early Saturday morning started with a long awaited walk to the Uffizi gallery (museum), that is known for one of the largest collections of Reinessance art of Italy and Netherlands. The walk transformed into a horse carriage ride as soon as the sun started affecting our minds, and we couldn’t walk anymore. And upon arrival to the museum I remembered about my allergy on horses. Lucky enough we were in an open air environment and I did not get hospitalized :)
The museum itself was a truly majestic place, much less crowded than the French Louvre, with some great pieces by Michelangelo, Botticelli and my personal favorite artist of all time – Caravaggio.




The next stop after Florence was Forte Dei Marmi, and some other small beach towns where we went on Saturday evening, and stayed until Monday. And while Florence was a historical attraction as a whole, our second destination was more of a relaxation therapy, with activities such as swimming, tanning and enjoying the room terrace being the main milestones of the day.






At the end of the day I prepared for the journey back, and in the morning headed to the station. The 8 hour ride allowed me to edit all the photos from the trip and as soon as I came back I suddenly realized that it was the first time I ever went to Florence.



I hope you liked the photos and the summary of my trip, and if you enjoyed please like facebook share it! Also tell me which of the two models you like the most in the comments!


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