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MB&F Balthazar – Part Man Part Machine

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Not sure what went through Max Busser’s head when thinking of the name for his new creation, but Balthazar is considered to be one of the most notable Shakespearean baby names. There are different meanings to it, but in my book (the book of a guy who’s into the ‘Supernatural’ tv series) Balthazar was one kick ass angel, probably the most notable side role of the entire show!

However we aren’t playing a guessing game here. Let’s talk facts. Number one – MB&F and L’Epee make a great power couple. Starting with the Starfleet desk clock, and to the Melchior robot clock. This one is no exception. Number two – this is a machine, weighing 8 kilos. That’s no joke.


Now let’s get to the review part. Reviewing table clocks is probably the most boring job, that is unless we’re dealing with MB&F desk clocks. Balthazar is a perfect continuation of Max Busser’s mechanical saga. We’ve seen a clock that looks like a robot. We’ve then seen its mini version. And now we’re looking at the meanest face of modern horology. Weighing over 8 kg it has a power reserve of 35 days, and displays time in jumping hours and trailing minutes, with two disks on its chest.




One of the cool interactive features of Balthazar is its agility. The whole torso moves around in 180 degrees that reveals the terrifying true face of Balthazar along with a dual hemisphere moon phase. Finally, the last and coolest easter egg of this machine is Balthazar’s shield. It contains his secret to unlimited power! The integrated clock-winding and time-setting key.



Only 50 of these desk warriors are going to be released in each of the four colours (black, silver, blue or green armour). We’re giving it a 10/10 cause honestly… We’re scared shitless, and don’t want it to hold a grudge on us.

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