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MBandF M.A.D. Gallery and SevenFriday, the 2 forces combined! (Article)

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Technically this is the third part of my adventures over at the M.A.D. Gallery in Geneva, a really awesome boutique, full of wonders such as the Music and Light Machines, and amazing MB&F watches, that I reviewed in the past articles (click here to read) (and here). This time, as it’s Friday, I would like to talk about a new arrival for the gallery, which is the SevenFriday watches.


SevenFriday is a brand based in Zurich, and I only heard about it around a couple of months ago. With their innovational and very cool industrial design they fit perfectly in the M.A.D. Gallery, and up until now they had 3 different models carrying very industrial names: P1, P2 and P3. What is the difference? The P1 is the basic model, made of steel, with a silver shining bezel and a gray-ish dial and casing. That model was the one started it all, but quite frankly I’m a bigger fan of the P2, which I also own. The brown leather strap and golden dial make it look like a million bucks, even though the price is… Just $1’200 !



The third model P3 is a sporty and cool version, with full black dial and casing, and with some red parts on the hands and numbers, it makes a perfect sports car watch! All the watches have 5 layers of the dial and show centered Hours, Minutes, small seconds subdial at 5 o’clock and a 24 hour indicator at 9. Of course the straps are changeable, and from my experience on Instagram people love playing with the P1 straps, doing all kinds of crazy to it!


The SevenFriday watches can be bought either in the gallery, or ordered online with shipment to pretty much anywhere! And if you’re still not convinced and prefer something more flashy just wait a little as SF has some new stuff coming to the gallery, with a Wooden casing(!) and also a full white model, that I will write another article on later.

Now to contrast the sporty look of the SevenFriday I’d like to talk about the special project by MBandF and Mr. Stepan Sarpaneva, a Finnish genius known for his moon phases that most people regard as an ‘angry face’. That face is in fact the real facial expression of Stepan. In the collaboration with Max Busser they took the HM3 Frog base and built the MoonMachine on it. While some may not see much difference one aspect immediately gets attention – the rotor that now looks like a real star sky!



The MoonMachine shows the Hours and minutes in the froggy eyes, and exists in three different version including rose gold and titanium. Obviously most people interested in it do not buy it as a first watch (or maybe they do! Never say mere I guess haha!), but it is the greatest addition to an already existing collection..




I hope you liked this third part of the M.A.D. Gallery article, and be sure to tune in next week for another one :) if you enjoyed be sure to like and share it on facebook!

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