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Live: Rolex SkyDweller Bamford Edition

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If you’re the kind of person that hangs in the higher circles of society, it might be the case that you are surrounded by the great watches of your friends all the time. So what to do when you really want to stand out? Well if you’re a Rolex fan then first thing might have been to buy the newly released SkyDweller, but sometimes even that isn’t enough to remain special…


The alternative gentleman...

The alternative gentleman…


There is a pretty obvious divide that is going to happen with watches from [Bamford Watch Department]. The purists will say that no watch should be modified and the others will say it’s like modifying a car and is perfectly acceptable.

Whatever your persuasion I would ask you to look at the limited edition Bamford SkyDweller with an open mind. Truth be told, these modified watches sell very well, and the reason why is because they are iterations of models that would never be made by Rolex otherwise…being one of the most conservative watch companies means that something as daring as an all black case is waaaaaay off into the future coming directly out of Geneva, if at all.


Rolex Bamford SkyDweller 2



As you may or may not know, the SkyDweller is only available in precious metals meaning the watch above and below has had it’s 18k white gold case and bracelet PVD treated. Why not DLC/ADLC? It’s a question you’ll have to ask Mr George Bamford. Companies such as MB&F have opted for PVD coating on their black pieces over the more hard-wearing DLC option due to PVD’s ability to better show differing surface finishes through the coating…and the fact that Bamford offer a lifetime coating guarantee means that there must be some belief behind it.


Tea please...

Tea please…


Ultimately, clever annual calendar and GMT function aside, this watch is about the aesthetics. Whereas I wasn’t majorly blown away by the looks of the Rolex SkyDweller (apart from in rose gold, where it is actually very nice!) this re-working of the watch is extremely attractive. The bugs of the GMT disc that previously stood out too much are removed due to the uniform coloured dial with blue accents, and more than anything, at only 8 pieces produced you’ll be very hard pressed to find another for some time!


Rolex Bamford SkyDweller


Photography by Adam Priscak for Watchanish


The watch retails at £43,500 including UK VAT and is available directly from Bamford Watch Department, or one of their authorised stockists around the world. Your thoughts as the reader are always welcome and encouraged below…


Photography by Adam Priscak for Watchanish

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