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Live – MB&F HM5 x Lamborghini Miura SV at Pebble Beach

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During the plethora of automotive activities at Pebble Beach a few weeks back we got a call from our friends at Watchonista to tell us that there was an opportunity for us to shoot 2 very special items in tandem – the MB&F HM5 and the car it was modeled from, the Lamborghini Miura SV! Not one to pass up such a chance, Otis rushed over at the speed of light (nearly) with his trusty shooter to visually document it all for us!





The now famed Miura was made by Lamborghini between 1966 and 1972, and at the time of launch was the world’s fastest production road car! Back then Lamborghini were more focused towards creating powerful grand touring vehicles, and the Miura was created by the engineers in their spare time. It is widely thought that this started the trend for high performance, mid-engined, two seater sports cars that we see even to this day.






The Horological Machine No 5 is as much influenced by the rear window shutters and body lines of the Miura as it is by the Almida Digitrend (circa 1972…do you see a theme here?!). The digital display shown horizontally through the side of the watch case coupled with the use of internal sapphire prism which refracts the hour and minute discs to project them through said opening has a very retro-futuristic feel to it, which is probably what Max and the design team were aiming for (I guess!) and is directly related to the style of the Digitrend. For the record MB&F now own the Almida watch company so technically I guess this is a Digitrend Mark 2? 😀








Thank you to our friends at Watchonista for arranging the car and watch (you can find their in depth write up here) and our photographer Otis Blank for the great pictures!

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