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Live Baselworld 2014 Updates – MCT Sequential 2 S200

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As the first official day of Baselworld ends and the after-parties begin we wanted to share a completely new release with you – the MCT Sequential 2 (or the S200). Many of you have already seen the MCT watches in their signature ‘curved-square’ casing and of course would always recognise the dial with a very unusual way of showing the time. This year however MCT has decided to change almost everything about their famous Sequential 1 model, keeping only the principal of the watch and the way it tells time, hence creating the Sequential 2.

2014-03-26_0017 2014-03-26_0015

As we arrived to the MCT booth we were first to try the prototypes of the newest model S200. The first impression was very positive and as we got closer to the dial and casing it only grew on us more. Both white and rose gold models will be available in 44mm round shaped cases; and it means that in order to create these timepieces MCT had to come up with a completely new movement to still keep the original way of time-telling while recreating the shape. Oh, and just in case you aren’t familiar with the way MCT watches work let me explain – in the middle of the dial we have an incomplete circle indicating retrograde minutes while the hours are indicated on the 4 sets of ‘plates’ located at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. So as the minute hand moves along the subdial the hour plate on the opposite side of the revealed number changes so that it’s always ready for the next hour. In the new S200, however, the minute hand is not retrograde, and even though the incomplete circle ‘subdial’ in the centre still reveals the hours one by one the minute indication goes all around the big dial as it would usually do. This makes the timepiece more readable and classy.

2014-03-26_0010 2014-03-26_0014 2014-03-26_0016

Another thing about the new model is that it has a mini rotor on the back and therefore is automatically winded rather than manually (like the S100), so if you are as lazy as I am it’s definitely an advantage :) ¬†And even though with these pieces being prototypes you wouldn’t be able to see the entire beauty of the case back we are going to make more photos soon to show off not just the movement but also the new buckles for the straps made by Roland Iten!

2014-03-26_0013 2014-03-26_0012 2014-03-26_0011

Hope you’ve enjoyed the article, and make sure to stay tuned as we will be live-updating the site (and of course our instagram @WatchAnish) very regularly during the Baselw0rld time.

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