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Live Baselworld 2014 Updates – MB&F Starfleet Machine

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MB&F is not your average brand, and the new MB&F Starfleet Machine is not your average table clock. Actually, most people wouldn’t even realise it is one (just like the last year’s Music Machine). Inspired by the original Star Trek series Starfleet (machine) was designed by MB&F as a small oil painting before it was tuned over to L’Epee 1839, the only existing manufacturer of high-end clocks. Just like with Reuge last year the collaboration turned out to be really successful (at least in my opinion) as the great minds at the factory managed to engineer and create the machine just like MB&F has envisioned it.


If you just glance at it you might not understand how it functions and tells time; however it doesn’t take long to realise that in the middle of the construction is the big black dome indicating hours and minutes, while just next to it, we see 2 laster cannon looking retrograde seconds indicators that count 20 seconds before they jump back to the original position. And just next to it is the regulator that has a shock resisting system built in.



The Starfleet also has a very high power reserve of 40 days with a power reserve north of the clock represented in rotating bars (with 1 bar being equal to 8 days). You can wind the clock manually and set the time with a key after turning the entire machine on the other side.



We are still planning to take the Starfleet Machine places and later on show you a short video of how it functions, as everything from the design to the time telling process is very intriguing and mesmerising! I, personally, really am amazed by this creation and think it’s a big step up from last year’s Music Machine, and a step forward in the watch/clock making industry in general.

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