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Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moon Tattoo – New Watch Hands-On

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Christmas and New Year are coming, and just now in time for the presents selection Linde Werdelin has released their latest creation – the new version of the famous Oktopus Moon called ‘Tattoo’. The reason behind the name is pretty obvious – look at that beautiful hand engraving on the 18k rose gold casing! While original Oktopus Moon (released not so long ago) watch features an engraving of an octopus on the back of the case this one is taking it to a whole new level…

2013-12-24_0017 2013-12-24_0015 2013-12-24_0011 2013-12-24_0007

After the casing is created it is passed on to the ink¬†engraving master, ¬†then we get the fully engraved watch and the only concern left is the possibility of scratching this beauty… The dial is also tattooed, and what I find most interesting about it is the moon phases (going around the dial, visible most at 6 o’clock) that really have facial expressions and different ‘Moonfaces’ :)

2013-12-24_0008 2013-12-24_0009 2013-12-24_0012 2013-12-24_0013

The diameters stay same as in the bare-skin Oktopus – that is 44mm, perfect for a classy sports watch. It is also still water resistant up to 300 meters and has its own in-house moon complication. If you ask me – I love the original, but I definitely think this inked version is worth every cent of its price (CHF 42’000) and I really hope that tattooing watches becomes a more frequent thing for Linde Werdelin.


2013-12-24_0010 2013-12-24_0006 2013-12-24_0005 2013-12-24_0002

It remains a limited edition of 59 watches (like the original gold moon) and really brings something new to the small world of engraving time. Now I’ll leave you to some more pictures to enjoy…

2013-12-24_0001 2013-12-24_0004 2013-12-24_0014

Thank you for checking out our (even though not very technical) review of the new Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moon Tattoo, and I hope you liked the watch as much as we did:) Also, on a side note, make sure to check out the new ‘Try It’ service by the brand, where they literally let you test drive almost every watch in their collection! And don’t forget to join our WatchAnish club guys!

Photos for WatchAnish by James Cole :)



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