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Le Vault in Abu Dhabi – Keeping Your Watches Like a Boss

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So you just bought your 5th watch, you bring it home, take it off, and put it on the table. Or in your drawer (like Schwarzenegger does). Or do you actually want them to look nice and not have an automatic movement stopped the next time you wear it? In that case you probably need a watch winder, and a safe, and then also a floating armchair. Just because. There isn’t really any reason you’d actually need one. But it’s a sick thing to have at home. But I’m getting ahead of myself here, let’s get back to watch storing. There are a lot of different winders, storage safes and brands, but while visiting Abu Dhabi this month we had a great opportunity to visit a place that pretty much has it all – it’s called Le Vault.





As the name suggests it’s a vault of vaults. It’s THE Vault. Located in the Nation Towers mall of Abu Dhabi, it was opened only a few months back in 2015. And it has everything a wealthy watch nerd can think of when it comes to decorating his home and keeping his collection sorted and safe. Starting from leather and croc goods to full carbon or gold pieces.






One of our favourite products in the collection is the watch transportation safe made by Doettling. It doesn’t really look like a safe but the ‘Guardian’ features a double wall tube, closed by a real safe mechanism. Material used inside it is also utilised while making the Police shields, and on top of that it’s equipped with a GPS transmitter in case someone would be brave (or stupid) enough to steal your safe.




Obviously in a boutique of such high level there are lots of luxury products to offer, however getting back to what we’ve mentioned in the beginning – the floating armchair. Not really sure if we can call it an armchair, or a chair, or anything other than a UFO that you can sit in. Made by IT ONE OFF in Italy by hand, it’s the only sitting object in the world that has just one point touching the ground. Rest is just swinging in the air, and no, you won’t fall from it. They also have one with yellow leather and carbon (and UAE flag) at Le Vault. You should really come and see it if you’re in town.




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