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Lamborghini Aventador x MCT watches – Alp Shoot (Pt.1)

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‘Why would you take a Lamborghini Aventador and ride off to a forest?!’ – would probably be your first question while looking at the photos in this post. Usually we wouldn’t, we would take it to a desert and make it spit flames or go speeding on long highways. This time, however, we decided it’s time for something more unusual. So we took a Lamborghini Aventador and drove it all the way from Geneva to the Swiss and then French mountains, stopping in a nearby forest on the way…



As you look at the pictures I’ll talk a bit about the car – Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 was introduced in 2011 and since then has been the new face of the brand and the goal many people set for themselves in order to get more motivated and work harder. It’s a fact (in my book) that this car is absolutely gorgeous, and definitely gets all the attention on the streets of any town. Apart from its beauty it’s also a very powerful vehicle with a 6.5 litre V12 engine inside and 0-100 km/h in only 2.9 seconds! The official top speed is 350 km/h and even though we haven’t tested it to the full we know that 250 is definitely an easy task for it.






I have to be honest with you, I tried killing the sound system of this Aventador as the owner had some really cool music there, but it turned out to be flawless, just like the interior design of the car. Pretty much everything, except for the lack of a touch screen was to my highest standards. Also, the black matte colour is absolutely stunning!





Apart from the car we also brought along a couple of matching MCT watches that definitely should be the next thing one would buy after getting this car. The S110 model perfectly fits by its design, futuristic dial and the price tag :) Starting at about 70’000 CHF the ‘Sequential 1’ MCT watches feature a very interesting and unusual way of time telling by the retrograde minutes and rotating little platforms forming the hour numbers when turned together.






Overall I was very excited to ride in the Lamborghini Aventador once again, especially in such a cool location, and I hope you’ve enjoyed this part 1 of our mountain shoot. Next time don’t forget your winter jackets because we’re going to the Alps :)


Photography by Aleksandr Markovsky for

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