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Just the Right Blend of Classy and Street – Angelus & Supercars in the Wild

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Nope, this is not a watch review. However there are some extremely nice watches in this post, all by a brand called Angelus (click here to read more on their 2o15 launch). Named after one of the most known watchmaker in the industry back in 1891, Angelus re-launched the brand just a year ago. And since then has already released a few very classy and complicated pieces.

We aren’t really going into the details about each watch, but the idea behind this shoot and post is mainly to educate you guys, as well as ourselves on mixing street style with tradition.






There are certain rules in the industry now, rules that aren’t written or spoken out. But it seems like most of the people wear a suit and a leather strap/gold cased watch along with it. Or a sporty outfit and an abnormally large timepiece that looks like it can sink you in the ocean. It doesn’t have to be that way at all. Especially when we’re talking about independent watch brands. They don’t follow the rules! If you just spent 30+ k on a watch that doesn’t have a worldwide known logo on the dial you shouldn’t give a damn.







In this case we played with the contrast of classy watches and rather casual clothing. Same way Angelus played with contrasts while creating their timepieces. Looking up close you can see them mixing leather straps with large casings. Skeleton dials and coloured hands or indicators. And don’t get us started on the casing shapes.





What do Mercedes, Lamborghini and McLaren have in common? They’re all fast but at the same time they are classy and timeless. Though unlike these watches, they aren’t that comfortable.

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