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HYT H1 Colorblock

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We’ve seen brighter colors. But brighter isn’t always better. Or is it?

From the cover of this post you’ve probably seen what we’re going to discuss here. It’s not a classy dress piece, nor is it very practical. So before getting into the ‘what and how much’ let’s talk about the ‘why?!’ – Why would you buy an HYT H1 Colorblock, or any watch brighter than (possibly) your suit for that matter? I don’t have a legit answer that would make you stop whatever you’re doing and rush to the stores. But before typing ‘why would anyone buy it?!?!?!’ in my instagram comment section here’s a thought.. Demand creates supply. It’s not the other way around, and it never was. If HYT, AP or RM wouldn’t be 100% sure that there’s a market for these watches do you really think they would go ahead with the production? Of course they wouldn’t. Even if no one before has done it, and people never wore red, yellow or blue watches. That just proves there is a market gap waiting to be filled.

WatchAnish HYT-8

WatchAnish HYT-19

And the thought process of someone buying a flashy and (relatively) expensive watch like that is simple.

  1. He doesn’t care what others think
  2. He probably has a substantial collection that starts to bore him a bit
  3. He’s looking for that ‘wow’ effect

It’s similar to buying cars. Any millionaire around his 30s and up has at least 2 cars. A daily drive and a weekend sports car to get the blood flowing. It’s probably yellow. Or red. Or blue chrome. My point – watch industry is getting more and more in line with the rest of the luxury world and it’s about time everyone got used to it and stopped raising eyebrows.

WatchAnish HYT-80

WatchAnish HYT-62

WatchAnish HYT-38

Now back to the H1 Colorblock. As colorful as it is, the combination of colors in these three pieces looks very organic. There aren’t 50 shades of yellow. It’s just one yellow, mixed with contrasting and very cool black liquid, black PVD and grey dial.

WatchAnish HYT-25

WatchAnish HYT-11

WatchAnish HYT-122

While only making 10 of each version, I think yellow is going to dominate all the way. After all, it is HYT’s favorite color, and the brightest of the three. Now, when it comes to price – whoever would like to get the H1 ‘Colorblock’ version is going to get pleasantly suprised. This limited edition is $39’000 – which is cheaper than the original H1 ($45’000) and only a fraction of what the latest creations by HYT go for.

WatchAnish HYT-2

WatchAnish HYT-35

WatchAnish HYT-109

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the ‘Colorblock’ as your only and daily watch (unless you couldn’t give a f*ck about anyone’s opinion) but it’s definitely fit for a weekend cabrio superwatch.

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