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Hublot and Ferrari – A Visit at the Silverstone Race Track

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Many of you know that Hublot is into sports; we’ve learnt that when we first saw the referee’s board with a Hublot sign on it and when we heard that the brand will be the official timekeeper of the World Cup in Brazil. However we can’t ignore the fact that football is not the only sport Hublot is passionate about – in 2011 it made an official announcement that it is joining forces with none other than Ferrari and ever since then their partnership has been growing stronger with each year.


A couple months back we got to witness just how close the 2 brands are when we were invited to see and shoot at the Silverstone race track in the UK. If you are into racing you definitely would know the name, but if you aren’t here’s a brief history – back in the late 1940’s UK had no major racing tracks after the World War II was over, and that’s when The Royal Automobile Club has decided to lease an airfield outside of the village called ‘Silverstone’ – today it is recognized as one of the biggest and most popular racing circuits where both Formula One and MotoGP  conduct the British Grand Prix. We got a chance to witness the Ferrari team perform a wheel change on one of the racing cars – we were not allowed to film it (as the fine for each second of film is over 2000 euros) but believe me when I say – it was one of the most amazing sites ever – I’m pretty sure it took them less then 7 seconds to perform the change!





Now back to Hublot and Ferrari… As Jean-Claude Biver once said – it really is a partnership of two very important luxurious, successful and avantguard brands. They fit perfectly by design, target audience and values. And unlike some quick partnerships made these days just for branding reasons you really see how well both companies respect and develop it. One of the examples is of course Hublot’s most extreme and crazy watch till today – the LaFerrari. Made to look like the Ferrari LaFerrari’s engine it qualifies as one of the ultimate ‘toys for boys’. Of course you don’t need to own a LaFerrari auto to buy that piece but let’s face it – how awesome would it be to own both the hypercar and the hyperwatch?! Equipped with 50 days of power reserve it has to be winded with a special tool that goes together with the timepiece, and at 6 o’clock you can see a vertical tourbillon completing its awesome and (for some) weird look.





Of course apart from the LaFerrari Hublot also makes some more affordable and ‘normal looking’ watches with an added Ferrari touch. Best example today would be the Big Bang Ferrari series. They range from carbon to rose gold, and really look like the perfect luxury sports watches. They may not be very light but they do sit very comfortably on the wrist, and the rubber on the inside / leather on the outside strap feels perfect when you are in action.






Personally, I’m more of a fan of the ‘Classic Fusion’ collection because it’s more elegant and classy yet still has that Hublot DNA, however when I see the Ferrari Big Bangs live I can’t resist from trying one on my wrist, and even though they’re 45mm in diameter they look pretty badass on any wrist given that you wear it with a sleeve if you’re slim – that’s how I pull it off :)







Now, I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief write up and our images. For me Hublot and Ferrari are both brands that I was looking up to when growing up and my love for their products only grew with time. Whether you feel the same way or not I wish you a great rest of your day! :)


Photos for by Harriette Nero Goc-Ong

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